Grey’s Anatomy: 15 greatest doctors of all-time

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Grey's Anatomy

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Is it Derek Shepherd? How about Meredith Grey? What about Minnick? Or is perhaps Penny? Who is the greatest of the 15 greatest Grey’s Anatomy doctors of all-time?

You can all calm down, everyone. Blow out your pitch forks and lay down your scalpels. Neither Minnick nor Penny claims the number one spot on this list, although that’s not to say they won’t appear at some point…

Before we get started, let’s set some parameters, because coming up with a list of the greatest doctors of all time from one for the greatest series of all time is no walk in the park.  After all, there are a stupid number of doctors on this show, and they’ve all had some pretty significant highs and lows. Moments that could have easily made them the greatest were followed by moments that knocked them down a peg or two.

Then there’s you, the fandom, to consider. How popular is a doctor amongst the fans, regardless of what they’ve done on the show?

So this isn’t easy. Not even the brightest mathematicians and scientists of our age could figure it out with exactitude. That’s where the noble pop culture blogger steps in.

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So after many tantrums between me and myself, I have come up with a definitive list of the 15 greatest Grey’s Anatomy doctors of all time that takes into account both their most memorable moments and achievements as a character and how much you all freaking love them as a fan. Let’s get started.

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