Mom Season 6, Episode 1 recap: Does Christy drop out of law school?

MOM -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

This week on Mom we find law school and wedding planning are really stressing out Christy and Bonnie. Hilarity ensues as they struggle to keep their sanity and get it together.

If you need a refresher on the Mom Season 5 finale, check out the recap here. Otherwise, we’re jumping straight into the Season 6 premiere.

Bonnie surprises Christy with a prepared speech and a pancake breakfast in honor of her first day of law school. While she’s happy to accept the latter, Christy hardly lets her mom get a word in edgewise because she’s so proud of herself for pursuing her goals.

But, in classic Christy fashion, she spills the entire contents of her backpack as she jets out the door. So Bonnie gets a chance to give her spiel, which starts with the story of when she went into labor with Christy.

Recounting a story of how her dermatologist asked her out, Jill, now four months sober, is excited to inform the attendants of the AA meeting that she turned him down. She wants to want until she has her one-year-chip. Next, Bonnie reveals that she is in the midst of planning her and Adam’s wedding, and was initially stressed about the big day but has become happy that she gets to plan every detail, saying “the day is going to be all about me.” But, as Wendy whispers to Marjorie, “isn’t that every day?”

MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Christy, late as usual, shares with everyone how terrifying her first day of law school was. Overwhelmed about how much more fast-paced it is compared to her undergrad degree, Christy worries she won’t be able to handle all the pressure she feels she’s under. She finishes her share by lamenting how much she wants to be a kid again.

Later, Bonnie gets annoyed with Adam because he forgot about a wedding venue visit they had planned. Saying that he only cares to remember things that he finds important, Bonnie becomes frustrated with her fiance. Adam, the clever guy he is, tells Bonnie that she should just plan it herself because he doesn’t want to get in the way of what she really envisions their wedding to be. Bonnie manages to make Adam promise that he won’t get mad, even if the wedding involves a mariachi band, a chocolate fountain, or a mime officiant.

At the restaurant, Christy is forced to cover a sick coworker’s shift in spite of her having a mountain of reading to do. Her manager, stricken with grief due to a recent separation with his partner, refuses to hear Christy out and runs away to his office to do crunches. Defeated, Christy goes over to her newly inherited table to take their order.

That night, Adam wakes Bonnie up as she’s having a violent nightmare. Angry, Bonnie tells him that he was cheating on her with the produce attendant from Trader Joe’s in her dream. Storming out, she describes them “going at it like a couple of middle-aged bunnies right there on the pre-washed lettuce.”

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Christy finds Bonnie watching TV in her pajamas when she gets home from work. After listening to her mother detail what happened in her dream, Christy tells her that the guy at her last table proposed to his girlfriend, making her stay even later than she was supposed to. As she heads off to study in her room, Christy realizes she forgot her backpack at work and she doesn’t have the keys to get in. Bonnie, scoffing at the key remark, says she’ll tag along and get the door unlocked with a couple of bobby pins.

Unable to jimmy the lock, Bonnie helps Christy through the tiny window, err transom, above the door. Setting off the alarm, Bonnie makes a run for it, leaving Christy hanging. Hoping that her mother is there to catch her, Christy, hilariously, falls flat on her back.

Unprepared at class the next morning, Christy tries her best to shrink herself down into her seat so her professor won’t call on her, to no avail. Back at home, Adam and Bonnie listen as Christy recounts the embarrassing experience she just had. But, somehow, the couple gets on the subject of prenups, and things start to get heated. Sneaking out to the living room to read, Christy struggles to pay attention to the book due to Gus, Bonnie’s adorable dog, staring at her as she tries to read.

MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Over lunch with the group later that week, Bonnie reveals that she’s had that same cheating nightmare nearly every day since the first instance. But she’s not worried, since she went to Trader Joe’s and found out Louise, the produce attendant, was “more into the ladies.”

Over a meal at the bistro, Christy, eager to get to the meeting, discloses that she’s going to drop out of law school because she feels like she’s not cut out for it. She goes on to suggest that Bonnie is having this recurring nightmare because she subconsciously wants Adam to help plan the wedding. Marjorie, after waiting for Christy to finish, encourages her to not give up, and draws a beautiful analogy comparing law school to just another mountain to climb.

MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM — Photo: Robert Voets/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

At the meeting, a newly sober woman’s story inspires Christy to reflect on her first day of sobriety. In a flashback, we see Christy speaking at her first AA meeting. Remembering the first “mountain” she climbed, Christy decides to leave the meeting early to get to class but stops to give her number to the AA newcomer before heading out.

Suffering from another nightmare, Bonnie caves and suggests that she and Adam plan the wedding together. Finally at peace, her last request is that he stops shopping at Trader Joe’s. Unbothered, Adam agrees, saying Bonnie had nothing to worry about anyway since Louise is gay. Surprised, Bonnie starts to question how he knew this information, but Adam gives her a quick peck and says “it was in the newsletter.”

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Are you as happy for Mom to be back as I am? So glad to see Christy is going to stick it out and give law school her best shot. Wasn’t that fall from the transom so funny? What do you think Bonnie and Adam’s wedding is going to be like? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @HiddenRemote!

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