Survivor: David vs. Goliath recap: Tribal shake-ups, Exile Island, two departures

SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Survivor: David vs. Goliath, tribal shake-ups put alliances to the test. One player gains a huge advantage during a visit to Exile Island.

It’s that time on Survivor when the whole theme of the season is shot in the a** because there’s a tribal shake-up. Before Jeff Probst breaks the news, Bi informs everyone that because of the knee injury she sustained in the last Immunity Challenge, she’s leaving the game.

Jeff calls attention to the fact that the Davids are the ones who have had someone medically evacuated and another player quit. In other words, those Davids sure are unlucky wimps. Davie is confident that despite the obstacles, the Davids will endure and become stronger.

Well … not really. Because the misfits are going to be integrated with the Goliaths. Time to drop the buffs. Two tribes become three. In another twist, Carl doesn’t get a buff at all.

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The Goliaths have the advantage in every single tribe. The Vuku Tribe includes: Natalia, Kara, Alec, Davie and Elizabeth.

The Tiva Tribe includes: Christian, Gabby, Dan (who’s upset to be separated from Kara) and Alison.

The final tribe, Jabeni, is made up of Natalie, Mike, Angelina, Lyrsa and Nick.

Carl is banished to Exile Island. He’ll return to the game at the next Tribal Council, joining the group who has to vote someone out. Whichever tribe loses gets Carl as a replacement.

Christian points out the entire game has been gerrymandered in Goliath’s favor.

Three’s a Crowd

Davie realizes he’s got to change his strategy. He admits he’s never really befriended too many Caucasians. It’s not that he hasn’t wanted to, he’s just been around black people his whole life (welcome to reality TV, Davie).

But Davie prides himself on being a “black nerd,” and the kind of person white people like to approach. He’s hopeful he can fit in. Elizabeth and Kara hit it off immediately, finding they have a lot in common. This isn’t okay with Natalia who doesn’t enjoy being the odd-woman out.

Kara reassures Natalia that she’s just trying to make camp life pleasant. Her loyalty remains with her fellow Goliath members.

This Game Is “Nuts”

Carl isn’t happy about being all alone on Exile Island. He finds a clue that leads him to a possible advantage. All he has to do is find it in one of the dozens of coconuts floating near shore. Carl isn’t a quitter, and his persistence pays off. He finds the advantage which is an “idol Nullifier.” This blocks the use of an idol by any other player.

Carl must play it in secret when he votes at Tribal Council. He writes the name of the person he wants to block from using an idol. If an idol is played for them, the advantage nullifies the idol. Carl plans to use the Nullifier just like the sling David used a slingshot to take out Goliath.

Same Old Natalie

Mike feels like the Jabeni Tribe is the “Davids of the Davids of the Davids.” He’s certain they would be the last five standing if they were picking teams. He’s expecting to see a lot of Tribal Council over the next few days.

Natalie continues to be abrasive and bossy. She has zero interest in getting to know the Davids. She just wants them gone.

Nick sees Natalie’s behavior as an opportunity. Her attitude is tough on everybody. Nick starts trying to build a relationship with Mike because he knows the Davids don’t stand a chance otherwise. Nick suggests they name their alliance “Rockstars.”

Mike is quick to open up, confiding in Nick that Dan has an idol. Mike would like to see this alliance go far, but he’s got way more to lose since the Goliaths have the numbers.

Boys Will Be Boys

Christian is a bit overwhelmed by the testosterone at the new Tiva camp, but Dan likes that even though Christian is eager to help, he has no trouble putting his ego aside. Christian decides he has to prioritize his social game, going on a “charm offensive” (#charmacolypse).

Gabby breaks down, feeling like she’s on the outs. She wants to believe she’s well-liked but is plagued with insecurities. She tells Christian she finds it hard to open up to her new tribemates because they’re so intimidating. Christian is there for his fellow weirdo.

After establishing the vibes at all three camps, the time comes for the Immunity Challenge. One person from each tribe serves as the caller. They sit on a Survivor driving wheel while two blindfolded tribemates push them through a series of obstacles, retrieving a ball along the way.

Once they reach the finish, the caller guides two more blindfolded players as they attempt to maneuver the ball through a table maze.

In addition to immunity, there’s a reward. The first tribe to finish wins pastries, juice, and coffee. The last tribe to finish goes to Tribal Council.

Tiva, guided by Gabby, comes in first. The girl who felt like the geek with nobody to sit with at lunch becomes the hottest girl on campus. Jabeni, guided by Angelina, comes in second, earning immunity. It’s off to Tribal Council for Vuku.

Time for a Big Move

Elizabeth and Davie are on the chopping block, but Elizabeth refuses to quit. She recruits Davie to help her find the Immunity Idol. Little does she know, Davie’s got an idol, and he doesn’t share the information.

Elizabeth wants to try to get rid of Natalia, but Davie feels the three Goliath members are solid. He’s got a safety net but doesn’t want to use it this early in the game. Davie immediately runs to Natalia and Kara and sells Elizabeth out.

Elizabeth pleads her case to Alec, pointing out that if he sticks with Goliath, he’s got a lot of muscle to get through to win the game. Alec worries how the other Goliaths might react to this move.

Realizing Alec is unlikely to turn on Natalia or Kara, she urges him to vote out Davie.

Alec goes to Natalia and Kara who both view Elizabeth as a bigger threat. Natalia is determined to have things her way which makes Alec feels as if his opinion is going unheard. He also gets the impression Natalia doesn’t trust him which makes working with her difficult.

Natalia threatens Davie that if he doesn’t vote with them, he’s got no future in the game. Alec thinks it’s unnecessary for Natalia to bully Davie into compliance.

Alec is torn. He could make a big move and flip on Natalia, but if he does, when Carl returns, the Davids will have the numbers. At Tribal Council, Carl returns to listen in. He’ll return to camp once the vote is over.

Davie immediately throws Elizabeth under the bus, pointing out her humble background makes for a good story should she make it to the end. She’s also got a lot of pals on the other tribes.

This Tribal Council is all about resume building You’ve got to go big or go home. Sitting back and playing it safe won’t win you a million dollars.

Alec gets up and whispers something in Elizabeth’s ear. He claims to be making sure they’re on the same page, but Natalia isn’t buying it. She wants to know what just happened.

Kara’s also confused and asks Alec if they’re sticking to their plans. He whispers in her ear, and she turns to confer with Natalia. Natalia suspects Alec may be planning to vote her out.

Natalia is eliminated from the game with three votes. Kara is visibly shocked, so this bold play was orchestrated by Davie, Elizabeth, and Alec (unless Kara is a really good actress).

As her flame is extinguished, Natalia turns to Kara and asks if she knew. Kara vehemently denies being in on the blindside. Alec, you’ve got some explaining to do.

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Should Alec have stayed loyal to Kara and Natalia? Do Nick and Mike make a good alliance? Will Natalie go down as one of the worst players ever? Does Gabby need to toughen up? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.