SEAL Team: Kerri Medders steals the show with emotional performance

SEAL TEAM -- Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SEAL TEAM -- Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

SEAL Team delivered the most heartbreaking episode of the series to date (and most heartbreaking for the year among shows). While the writing and David Boreanaz were on point, can we give it up for Kerri Medders?

There’s no denying that SEAL Team delivered the most heartbreaking episode of the series to date. In fact, it’s the most heartbreaking episodes of the year across every single show on TV. The SEAL Team writers certainly delivered in terms of dialogue and David Boreanaz’s portrayal of Jason Hayes was emotional, but can we give it up for Kerri Medders?

Kerri plays Jason’s daughter Emma on the series and she delivered the best performance of the whole episode. It’s sometimes hard to show a child grieving. Sometimes it can look over the top or not appear enough for the situation. And there are times that the emotion has to be pulled back to portray it clearly on screen.

There was absolutely no issue with it during SEAL Team Season 2, Episode 3. Kerri’s emotion was raw. We saw the roller coaster of emotions she experienced. There were the initial shock and sadness, then the fear that her dad felt nothing at all, then the need to cling onto the only parent she had left.

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We saw the fear when Jason smashes the beer bottles on the floor and attacks the fridge. She physically screamed and hit him at the funeral when all the phones went off, knowing that it meant her dad was being called on a mission. There was anger, sadness, fear all rolled into one throughout each scene, something that even the most talented and veteran actors can often struggle with.

Finally, we saw the bittersweetness in the final scene. Jason decides that his children need him more than the mission. He stays behind and you see Emma’s emotions go from hate, to shock, and to happiness. Her dad chose her and Mikey and that meant everything to her. She knew that while Jason may be a workaholic when the blood family (because the SEALs is a family too) needs him, he is 100% there.

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Kerri Medders delivered a performance some of the oldest actors in the business could only wish to deliver. That chemistry between her and David Boreanaz was completely on point, showing how a grieving parent and child can come together and be there for one another in the immediate aftermath of the death of a family member. I’ve only got more excitement to see the performances Kerri will deliver moving forward as the family move forward after Alana’s death.

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What did you think of the performances in SEAL Team Season 2, Episode 3? Did you feel the emotion Kerri shared throughout the episode? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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