The Big Bang Theory recap: Halloween impressions and regrets

THE BIG BANG THEORY -- Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express.
THE BIG BANG THEORY -- Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS -- Acquired via CBS Press Express. /

This week on The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon and Howard dress up as each other for Halloween and their impressions of each other lead to a crazy feud. Find out what happened on the latest episode!

Last week on The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Howard had a weird bromantic moment during a planetarium presentation. Needless to say, these guys love each other and might need to get a room. Also, Sheldon almost ended up in the doghouse with Amy for selfishly getting her removed from her research project.

This week’s episode brings the laughs for the Halloween crowd as a feud results from people dressing up and acting like each other. Specifically, Howard does an amazing impression of Sheldon during the first half of the show. Plus, Leonard and Penny have a debate about the time and place of their first kiss.

Here is everything that went down on the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory!

THE BIG BANG THEORY — Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
THE BIG BANG THEORY — Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Halloween impressions

Most of the episode revolved around a hilarious Halloween costume battle between Howard and Sheldon. This all begins when Howard discusses that their work is allowing them to dress up for Halloween. When asked what he is going as Howard says that he wants to keep it a surprise but that it’s pretty scary. It cuts to the next day and Sheldon is walking down the hall as Doc from Back to the Future. From the side, he is bombarded by Howard who is dressed up as Sheldon himself and doing an amazing impression of the character.

For the longest time, Sheldon does not get the joke as Howard continues to Lampoon some of Sheldon’s catchphrases and weird habits. Once he does though, he is quite hurt about the way everyone was poking fun at his character qualities. Amy notices that it bothered Sheldon so she decides to confront Bernadette about Howard’s impression of Sheldon. Unfortunately, this does not go as planned because Bernadette feels that Sheldon can be equally insensitive and he often comments that her daughter looks like Winston Churchill.

This leads to retaliation as Sheldon and Amy decide to dress up as both Howard and Bernadette and their impersonations are just as hilarious, especially Amy doing Bernadette’s voice. This leads to some further grudging as Bernadette is now ultra furious at being roped into the battle. Howard urges either Sheldon or Amy to make amends because it will make things less scary at home. So, Sheldon decides to confront Bernadette to make peace. This is ultimately accomplished when they both realize each of them were made fun of as kids for the same qualities they have now. Sheldon for his overwhelming intelligence and Bernadette for her voice and for being short.

The Big Bang Theory Season 12, Episode 6
THE BIG BANG THEORY — Sonja Flemming/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

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Inconvenient memories

The side plot of the episode involved Penny and Leonard coming to grips with their history as a couple. Most of the episode Penny is planning a party, for no other reason than to have an excuse to dress up for Halloween. However, the party planning leads Leonard and Penny to an uncomfortable trip down memory lane. Specifically, the time and place they shared their first kiss as a couple.

In Penny’s memory, the first time they shared a kiss was when she threw him a birthday party but because he missed the occasion, she made out with him. Leonard remembers it being at a Halloween party where she got sick. After the party, the conversation gets brought up again and Penny finally admits that their first kiss was on Halloween. But she hates the memory because she was drunk and using Leonard at the time to deal with her issues with her ex-boyfriend, which is embarrassing for her to remember. She further explains that’s why she rather think of his birthday as their first kiss because it truly meant something to her on that day. Leonard finds her reasoning endearing and they embrace one another.

Final Thoughts

This episode brought the laughs with the actors doing impressions of each other. Simon Helberg did an insanely funny impression of Jim Parsons and I could’ve watched him do it the entire episode. Furthermore, it took a decent turn with the jokes and making a statement about childhood bullying. A side note: It really shows that the writers are running out of things to do with Leonard and Penny. Their journey is pretty much complete and it’s easy to see how they are becoming the next Jim and Pam after their marriage on The Office.

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What do you think though? Are you still emotionally invested in the story of Leonard and Penny? Tell us in the comments below!

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