Bob’s Burgers: Live and Let Fly takes revenge to new heights

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After a break last week, Bob’s Burgers is back with the kids trying to get revenge on a nemesis while Bob and Linda team up with Teddy.

After a week-long hiatus, the Belchers are back in a new Bob’s Burgers. This week, the Belchers are flying on two different wavelengths. The kids try to get revenge on one of their nemesis while Bob, Linda and Teddy enter an unusual competition. As always, hijinks are sure to ensue.

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, there will be spoilers from “Live and Let Fly” from this point on.

The episode begins with Mr. Frond explaining how the kids owe 5 hours of detention and can make up the time by being in Frond’s music video. They agree to help him to get out of their detentions. Frond dresses them up in 1980’s outfits and he promises no one will see the video at school.

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The video ends up getting leaked and all of their friends see it so they decide to exact some revenge on him. Louise comes up with an idea to get Frond trash-talking, posting it online and showing it to his fellow counselors. They get Frond on video and work together with Upskirt Kurt to both get revenge.

Kurt explains that he wants revenge because his former stunt pilot showed him up and want the kids to cut her plane lines. The kids agree to help him go upside down again in exchange for revenge on Frond. We found out that Kurt’s rival is actually his sister and Louise gives him a pep talk to encourage him.

Kurt fails at first but decides to give it another try when his sister’s plane is up in the air, too. The kids eventually talk them down, using some of the lyrics from Frond’s video and give up on their revenge mission. Kurt ends up saving the day by destroying the banner for the kids.

At the restaurant, Teddy is making paper airplanes and explains he’s doing it to try and win a washing machine. Bob and Linda decide to enter with their competitive sides coming out quickly. Later in the day, Bob and Linda practice their different methods.

They continue to train together and Bob even dreams about winning. He gets up in the middle of the night to create an entirely new paper airplane. Linda gets hurt before the competition and Bob throws the airplane into the blender instead. The episode ends with the the family winning a blender instead of the washer.

Once again, Bob’s Burgers features two separate plotlines for the kids and their parents. Thankfully, the two were connected this time. Personally, I think the two plotlines balanced each other out. The kids had the main plotline while Bob and Linda were the comic relief.

As per usual, the kid’s revenge plotline was stronger. The addition of Kurt was unexpected but made the episode unique. It’s fun to see the show bringing back some older characters. It was also a huge moment of character development for Louise as she was able to get over her anger with Frond. As for the paper airplane plotline, it brought some much-needed lightness to the episode.

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Overall, “Live and Let Fly” was an impressive episode. It made Kurt a likable character, gave us some character development for the kids and it never felt stale. It was unique while still being a classic Bob’s Burgers episode. Hopefully, the show decides to release Frond’s song on their latest album. While “Live and Let Fly” isn’t a new favorite episode of mine, it’s still good.

I give “Live and Let Fly” a B.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.

What did you think of “Live and Let Fly?” Are there any older characters you wish would make an appearance? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!