Mom Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: Is Tammy moving out?

MOM -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM -- Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On this week’s episode of Mom, Christy and Wendy help Jill clean out her closet while Bonnie, Tammy, and Marjorie bond over a puzzle.

The ladies — Marjorie, Bonnie, Jill, Wendy, Tammy, and Christy — chat over a quick meal at the bistro. Jill, offering free clothes to whoever comes over to help her, decides she needs to clean out her closet and enlists the assistance of Christy and Wendy. Bonnie, sensing Marjorie is rather lonesome since the recent passing of her husband, decides to invite her over to hang out the next day.

The following afternoon, Christy is surprised to see Tammy still in her couch bed watching TV even though it’s past noon. In the kitchen, Bonnie is struggling to fight with Adam over text because her phone keeps auto-correcting to nice things. Angry that he cancelled their dinner to meet with a bar stool salesman, Bonnie is frustrated that her fiance put his new business before her.

Christy, who still isn’t too happy about Tammy commandeering the living room, asks Bonnie when this situation is going to end. Shrugging it off, she responds that she doesn’t know, and sends Christy on her way. As she heads out the door, Christy runs into Marjorie as she arrives. Announcing that she intends to spend the entire day there, Marjorie whips out a puzzle, to Tammy’s delight and Bonnie’s dismay.

At Jill’s house, Wendy and Christy discover just how much of a mess their friend’s closet is. Not only is the closet the size of Christy’s living room, it is so unorganized that the two don’t even know where to begin. Going through all her clothes brought up a few unpleasant memories for Jill. But once Wendy uncovered Jill’s wedding dress and Christy found old maturity clothes Jill didn’t get to wear, the tears start coming.

MOM — Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM — Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

While putting together a puzzle called “Dog’s Galore,” Marjorie, Bonnie, and Tammy make small talk. Tammy and Marjorie talk about their time in prison, remembering all the fights that started over board games. Tammy, surprised to have so much in common with Marjorie, appears to be enjoying spending time with her. Even Bonnie starts to enjoy the puzzle.

Crying on her closet floor, Jill is comforted by Wendy and Christy. Jill, revealing that she feels like she hasn’t accomplished anything, tells her friends how much she struggles to stay sober daily. Feeling that she has to do something to stop her, Christy tries to put an end to the pity party. Asking if she’s trying to go all “tough love” on her, Jill laughs at Christy’s attempt.

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Enjoying their new found love of puzzles, Tammy and Bonnie have some really good bonding time with Marjorie. Dubbing the day the start of their “Puzzle Club,” the ladies consider making this a regular activity.

Still upset over Adam’s busy schedule getting the bar ready, Bonnie shoots down Tammy’s suggestion that he join them. Telling Bonnie that she’s lucky she has a husband, Marjorie is then coaxed by Tammy into telling the story about how she met Victor.

After a little hard work, Wendy, Christy, and Jill finally get the closet organized. Suggesting they go out to celebrate, Jill is surprised to hear her friends have to work later on. Having an epiphany, Christy asks Jill if she would consider getting a job (what would be her first) to try and give her life a little meaning. While initially reluctant, Jill sort of warms up to the idea of possibly going back to school, as long as its not as miserable as Christy makes it seem.

Seeing how chummy Marjorie and Tammy have become, Bonnie has the bright idea of suggesting the two live together. While initially not catching what she was implying, Marjorie thinks it would be a great idea. Tammy, who says she has always wanted a cat, is excited at the fact she will soon have nine of them.

MOM — Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — Acquired via CBS Press Express
MOM — Photo: Sonja Flemming/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Jill, Wendy, and Christy head over to a local women’s shelter to donate some of Jill’s old clothes. Seeing that the director could use help sorting through all the clothes, Christy suggests Jill see what she can do to help. Jokingly, the shelter director says she can start coming Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, to which Jill replies “yes.”

Excited that she got her first job, Jill runs to the car to get the rest of the bags. The director, who is concerned that Jill believes she will be paid for what is a volunteer position, is set straight by Christy who insists she’s ‘gonna be fine.”

Just about finished with the puzzle, Marjorie has to call a time out so she can use the restroom. Ignoring the rules of Puzzle Club, Tammy and Bonnie try to get it done before she returns. Telling Tammy how proud she is of her recovery so far, Bonnie starts to choke up.

Arriving home, Christy gets the news that Tammy is moving out. Ever so thankful, Christy hugs Marjorie as she heads toward the kitchen. Hearing them look for the final piece, Marjorie reveals she pocketed it, knowing they’d try and finish without her.

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What did you think of this week’s episode of Mom? I was happy to see Marjorie get along so well with Tammy. I know they’ll make good housemates. Can you believe Jill got a job? I would love to have a closet like hers, fridge and all.

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