Survivor: David vs. Goliath recap: Alec plays double agent as the tribes merge

SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SURVIVOR -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Survivor: David vs. Goliath, episode 7, There’s Gonna Be Tears Shed, there’s more scrambling going on than at a Waffle House on a Sunday morning. Alliances continue to shift as the three tribes merge.

Three Become One

The three tribes finally merge into one — Kalokalo, and that means a big feast, and the start of a whole new game on Survivor. Not only does everyone stuff their faces, they size each other up. Some players are determined to stay true to their original alliance while others are open to forging new ones.

The Davids are down one player which means they are ripe to be picked off one by one. Gabby knows the merge feast means a clue to another Immunity Idol or advantage, but she doesn’t find anything.

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Angelina learns about Alec blindsiding Natalia, and she is shocked. She views this as a careless and emotional move. Angelina plans to tread lightly when it comes to Alec since he’s proven he’s quick to flip.

Carl is still annoyed by Elizabeth, and he wants her to go. He campaigns hard to get her out. Dan’s definitely on board to take out a David while the Goliaths have the numbers to do so.

Together Again

Christian and Nick, aka the Mason-Dixon alliance, pick up right where they left off. Also happy to be back together are Kara and Dan. Dan immediately confides in her that he found another idol. He originally planned to keep this info to himself but ends up thinking with his little head as opposed to his big one.

Alec Goes Rogue

The Goliaths debate which David to vote out. Angelina prefers to blindside Christian over Elizabeth. She views him as the biggest David threat.

Alec continues to play both sides. He immediately talks to Christian who he wants to work with secretly. Alec is certain the merge will result in broken alliances, flushed idols and tears shed.

Mike is hoping to work with Alec and Allison and bring his fellow Rockstar, Nick, into the fold. Mike knows the Goliaths will implode eventually, and he wants to forge a solid six. Mike, Alec and Alison decide to try to recruit Christian and Gabby to round out their group. The twosome is more than happy to join the “counter-Goliath insurgency.”

Elizabeth is eager to keep the Davids together, but since they’re short one player, they need to pull a Goliath. She views Dan as the perfect candidate. She approaches Alec with the suggestion they vote out Dan. Elizabeth thinks breaking up Dan and Kara is the best move.

Take a Swing

Alec continues to play double agent, running to Dan and Kara to tell them Elizabeth’s plan. Dan is furious to learn Elizabeth is throwing his name out there. Kara can’t understand why Dan is so insecure when he’s got two idols and is part of the majority alliance.

The first individual Immunity Challenge involves swinging a pendulum around a statue. If at any time, if a player’s pendulum stops, or their statue falls, they’re eliminated. The last person standing wins immunity.

Mike goes out first, followed by Christian, Carl, Gabby, Kara and Nick. Fifteen minutes in, the remaining players have to switch hands. Davie, Angelina, Alec and John go out in quick succession.

The final three are Alison, Dan and Elizabeth. Alison wins the first individual Immunity Challenge.

Different Tribe, Different Game

Back at camp, scheming and planning goes into overdrive. Angelina doesn’t view Elizabeth as a threat and wants to vote out Christian. She figures the Davids will never see it coming, assuming Elizabeth is the target.

Angelina overestimates her position in the game. Dan and John aren’t eager to vote out their fellow Brochacho, and Mike and Alec don’t want to lose him either.

Originally, Gabby was okay with voting out Elizabeth, knowing she had people who want to work with her. But she has a change of heart. She can’t stand to let the whole David vs. Goliath theme play out so on point. She’s sick of feeling like an underdog.

Alec persuades Alison, Dan and John they should stick to the original plan of voting out Elizabeth. It’s not in his best interest to flip on Gabby and Christian.

Angelina disagrees, but she’s not dumb enough to make a big deal out of it, choosing to pacify the group. She is annoyed by Dan’s attitude, and the feeling is mutual. Angelina thought she had this all wrapped up, and she’s upset to be ambushed.

Angelina tells Elizabeth she’s the target, but that she did everything she could to shift the focus. Angelina wants Elizabeth to know, so she won’t be blindsided. It feels like Angelina is trying to rally a Jury vote.

Elizabeth’s Big Swing

Elizabeth begins trying to save herself, and Gabby suggests they tell the Goliaths that Angelina revealed their plans in the hopes they’ll vote her out instead. The plan is to blow everything up at Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Alec admits to Jeff that everything has shifted, and this vote will determine if it’s still David vs. Goliath.

Elizabeth calls out Angelina, telling everyone about Angelina’s heads-up. Angelina has a lot to answer for with the other Goliaths. Angelina claims she just couldn’t lie anymore, but Alison thinks Angelina is trying to begin to manage the Jury.

Angelina knows exactly what Elizabeth is trying to do and pleads with the Goliaths not to fall for it. There’s a whole lot of whispering going on, and Angelina begins to break down. She swears she wasn’t trying to be sneaky, she was trying to have a genuine moment with Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’s Hail Mary doesn’t work, and she’s voted out by a unanimous vote.

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