Last Man Standing Season 7, Episode 7 recap: Dreams and goals

LAST MAN STANDING -- Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. -- Acquired via FOXFlash
LAST MAN STANDING -- Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. -- Acquired via FOXFlash /

Last Man Standing Season 7, Episode 7 shook Mandy Baxter’s faith in her fashion dream. Meanwhile, Ed Alzate wants to be a part of something again.

Last Man Standing asked how much work we are willing to do in order to accomplish our dreams. For those dreams to become a reality, we need goals. Mandy Baxter (Molly McCook) and Ed Alzate (Hector Elizondo) wrestled with those questions in Season 7, Episode 7.

Fresh off a rejection from a major fashion company, Mandy brings pizza. Mike (Tim Allen) and Vanessa (Nancy Travis) are surprised Mandy is in such a good mood. Mandy has decided to vacation to Italy! In essence, she’s running away from her problems.

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Mike and Vanessa ask how Mandy will pay for her trip. She saved money from her fashion business, yet she has been living at home rent-free. Her saved money is supposed to support her business.

Mike tries to talk some sense into her, but all his examples deal with home improvement. Nice reference, Last Man Standing writers!

The next day, Mandy remains in a good mood after eating lunch with one of her former classmates. That classmate is now a successful real estate agent, and Mandy is inspired. She will be a real estate agent. Neither of her parents is pleased.

Vanessa has researched the process to become a real estate agent and it is tough. She attempts to scare Mandy with all the required work, but Mandy isn’t fazed. Actually, she already has started the process. Reality checked.

Desperate, Vanessa asks Mike to talk to Mandy. He fulfilled his dream with the creation of Outdoor Man. She, on the other hand, spent two decades searching for her dream job. Now she has that dream job of tutoring students. To boot, she has helped many students attain good grades.

Mike tells Mandy to put away all her fashion supplies, clothes, etc. She is confused. She isn’t giving up her dream; it is on hiatus while she becomes a real estate agent. Mike questions how long she’ll stick with that career. She says the disappointment won’t be as painful because her fashion business is her baby.

Now that the real issue has been stated, Mike encourages her. Only one person can make that fashion business successful. Mandy has an innate talent in fashion, she can accomplish her dream.

Admittedly, rejection is difficult. Life is tough. What sets the successful entrepreneurs apart is not how many times one falls down, but rather how many times one gets back up.

Ed already accomplished his goal. He founded Outdoor Man. Yet he is bored in his retirement. He has the goal of wanting to be a part of something meaningful again. Fortunately for him, Kristen Vogelson (Amanda Fuller) has just the solution.

LAST MAN STANDING — Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash
LAST MAN STANDING — Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash /

She wants to make a commercial for Outdoor Man Grill. Ed will be the star, and Chuck (Jonathan Adams) will produce it, leading the production and editing process. It’s a nice mixing of the Last Man Standing characters.

Ed is so excited he will use his “Mary Anne” suit. Four wives, four suits; Ed’s background stories are so funny. Yet when the filming begins, he developed stage fright. He made the appropriate faces, but he whispered his lines. He also has unnecessary ideas for the commercial. Kristen and Chuck are not thrilled.

Ed later apologizes. He is thankful Kristen included him in the commercial. However, Chuck saved it. With Ed’s actions, Chuck did the voice-over for the commercial, and it is a definite improvement. Even Last Man Standing fans agree.

At time of publication, an overwhelming amount of fans voted “Yes! So funny.” Ed also agrees. To celebrate the creation of this successful commercial, he invites Kristen and Chuck to lunch at Outdoor Man Grill, and he’ll pay.

The last scene of Last Man Standing is heartwarming. Vanessa and Mike share some sexy banter, but Mike wants to clarify something. Outdoor Man is his goal, not his dream. His dream is to love his family, and he is glad he can share his goal with Vanessa. Although when he wants to go to the bedroom with his wife, she simply wants to eat dinner.

LAST MAN STANDING — Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash.
LAST MAN STANDING — Cr: Michael Becker / FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash. /

The theme of this Last Man Standing episode dealt with something relatable to us all. What are our dreams? How much work will be required? What goals do we need to accomplish to ultimately achieve our dreams?

Mandy dreams of owning a successful fashion business. Rejection hurt her and she considered taking the easier alternative of quitting. She has a keen eye for fashion, some business savvy, and passion. Setting goals will make her climb to the top of the fashion world much less daunting, and she will be proud along the way.

Ed, on the other hand, achieved his dream. He successfully founded Outdoor Man, and now he is retired. What he now lacks is a goal. Luckily for him, his friends recognize his importance and they help him be part of something worthwhile.

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