Bob’s Burgers: I Bob Your Pardon is a Thanksgiving treat

BOB'S BURGERS -- CR: FOX -- Acquired via FOXFlash
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It’s Thanksgiving time for the Belchers and this year’s episode takes them out of the kitchen and their main meal is more of a rescue mission.

In true Belcher fashion, Thanksgiving came early on Bob’s Burgers. As like every year, their Thanksgiving episode airs a little bit early since Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday. This year’s episode is a lot more unique than previous years though as the Belchers are surprisingly out of the kitchen in “I Bob Your Pardon.”

If you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bob’s Burgers, there will be spoilers for “I Bob Your Pardon” from this point on.

This week’s episode begins with Bob getting the food ready the day before Thanksgiving and the family leaving for the town turkey pardon. Bob says he forgot cranberries and has to get some after the pardon ceremony. The kids find out that the turkey isn’t being pardoned and has to go to the slaughterhouse.

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Tina decides to spearhead a rescue mission to save the turkey and gets the rest of the family involved. They follow the mayor’s assistant and Bob asks the kids if they have a plan which they don’t. He tries to go to the store but the kids stop him and find her parked at a gas station.

Bob follows her inside and finds out she wasn’t lying while the kids break in and get the turkey. They get the turkey and decide to let it go in a field until Marcia, the mayor’s assistant follow them. The family lets the turkey go, glad to beat out Marcia until they hear a coyote in the distance.

Tina, Bob and Louise go after the turkey to save it from the coyotes. Louise scares the coyotes away and they rescue the turkey again. Louise comes up with an idea to save the turkey by bringing it to the farmer who owns the two-butted goat. Once they get there, the deputy mayor shows up to try and stop them.

Bob convinces Marcia to save the turkey by explaining he wants the kids to have a good day. The farmer agrees to save the turkey with the family getting featured in the paper for saving the turkey. The episode ends with Bob getting fresh cranberry from the farmer and Louise officially pardons the cooked turkey for them to eat.

After several weeks of multiple plotline episodes, “I Bob Your Pardon” bucks the trend and does so flawlessly. Not only did this week feature just a single plot line but it also kept the family together. The episode did feature some humor, too but not nearly as much as normal.

Keeping with the trend, this Thanksgiving episode was incredible. Once again, Bob’s Burgers remains the champion of holiday episodes. “I Bob Your Pardon” kept that unique quality that each Thanksgiving episode has. It was full of family, full of heart and the episode ended with the family eating dinner together.

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Overall, “I Bob Your Pardon” was the perfect start to this Thanksgiving week. It featured the Belchers at their best, a Thanksgiving rescue mission and as per tradition, a Thanksgiving song. I only wish Teddy would have been in the episode but that’s just a small detail. “I Bob Your Pardon” definitely ranks high among the series other Thanksgiving-themed episodes.

I give “I Bob Your Pardon” an A.

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 8:30/7:30c. 

What did you think of “I Bob Your Pardon?” Which Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving episode is your favorite? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this week’s episode and which Thanksgiving episode you’re most thankful for!