Gabby takes control on Survivor: David vs. Goliath

SURVIVOR -- Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
SURVIVOR -- Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

On Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Tribal Lines Are Blurred, two huge threats leave the game, and an all-girl alliance is in the works.

Dan leaving was the best possible outcome for Survivor: David vs. Goliath moving forward. With the number of Davids and Goliaths even, fans aren’t forced to sit back and watch the Davids get picked off one by one.

Kara and Alec definitely took a last-minute gamble voting against Angelina. The possibility that Kara and Alec were on board prior to Tribal was slim, but not out of the question (the Davids may have withheld the Nullifier as a way to test the duo’s loyalty).

But any doubts are eradicated in the aftermath. Angelina was strictly a contingency plan. If Nick didn’t have his advantage, it is certain Kara, Alec and Alison were going to pull the football right out from under the Davids given the chance.

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The Hail Mary appears to be working in Kara’s favor because Angelina chooses to set her sights on Alec. The target on Alec isn’t a surprising one. He was the strongest Goliath male left, and his inability to commit fully to either tribe left him on the outs with both.

Kara may not be in Angelina’s circle of trust, but Angelina was still holding a grudge over Alec voting out Natalia. Angelina’s been side-eyeing him ever since.

Alec’s charm has been vastly overrated, but his physical prowess has not. Let’s face it, aside from Alec’s wishy-washy strategic game, his biggest mistake was taking food out of Carl’s mouth and then promptly puking it up on the beach. Bye-bye, Alec.

Angelina has expressed frustration about being overshadowed by the men’s gameplay, but she dismisses the opportunity to forge an alliance with three other strong women. There’s an inherent sexism evident on every Survivor season: a belief that in order to get to the end, it may be wiser to ride on a man’s coattails.

What’s refreshing to see on Survivor: David vs. Goliath is Gabby taking a more aggressive stance, and she and Christian have emerged as the most powerful and loyal alliance. Often prone to tears, Gabby finally puts on her big girl pants and decides to go after Carl, aka “the Godfather.”

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No matter what anyone says on these reality competition shows, there’s a personal component to voting. If there wasn’t, playing a strong social game would be inconsequential. Gabby isn’t a fan of Carl’s bullying personality, but she also recognizes letting him call the shots isn’t good for her resume.

Angelina and Gabby each epitomize the personality characteristics of their respective tribes. Gabby is scrappy and underestimated while Angelina is adaptable and manipulative. There is a showdown coming between these two women.

After teaming up to snuff out Carl’s torch, It seems like Alison may supplant Christian as Gabby’s strongest ally (according to the teaser for the Dec. 5 episode), pitting “Galison” against the Mason-Dixon alliance, and/or the Rock Star alliance (or Mike could stab Christian in the back once again). Nick and Davie have been pretty tight, and Nick has an Immunity Idol. Angelina could be sitting pretty as a tie-breaking vote.

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Does Gabby have what it takes to make it to the end? Will her “nerdmance” with Christian come to an end? Are you surprised by tonight’s eliminations? Would you like to see all women in the final four? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS. Tune in to see if Gabby turns on Christian.