Supernatural Episode 300 filming has officially begun

The monumental moment has begun. Episode 300 of Supernatural has begun filming. An occasion that very few TV shows have ever and will ever reached.

What a time to be a Supernatural fan right now. Very few TV shows have ever reached the milestone 300th episode, but Supernatural has managed it. Filming of the episode has not officially started.

Expected to last about eight days, this should be the last episode the Supernatural cast and crew film before going on their winter break. You couldn’t ask for a better episode to finish up 2018 with, right?

We don’t know a huge amount about Episode 300. For example, when exactly the episode has been scheduled to air is still unclear. We thought we would have learned about this by now as well. We knew about “Scooby!Natural” way in advance and you would have thought Episode 300 would have been known by now.

The episode will likely be sometime in February. Supernatural returns on Jan. 17 with Episode 10. So with that in mind, Episode 13 should be on Feb. 7 but it will depend on breaks that The CW puts in. There’s usually a break around March to allow for more filming and this may or may not be needed with the season only having 20 episodes. We could also see a longer break around February and March to ensure Supernatural still airs some episodes in May for the May Sweeps.

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What we do know about the episode so far is the following: Bob Singer will be directing the episode. Jim Michaels let it known when they started the tech survey for Episode 300 that it would be Singer in the director’s chair.

We also know that both the Winchesters will be in the episode. Not like we really needed to be told this. Could you imagine if Sam and Dean were left out of the episode? There would be such an outcry if that happened.

Misha Collins has also been confirmed for the episode. He will be in the episode as Castiel but a different version of Castiel, and he even hinted at the idea of time travel. Andrew Dabb did talk about the episode when he was at SDCC. Hinting to fans that we should expect a cross between Episode 100 and Episode 200.

Apart from that, there isn’t that much else known about the Supernatural episode. As we get closer to the air date we will hopefully know more. Once we do, we will you know immediately.

Have you got any ideas about what might happen in Episode 300? What do you think about the series hitting the milestone episode? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts with everyone.