Can God Friended Me keep the God Account mystery without getting repetitive?

GOD FRIENDED ME -- Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. -- Acquired via CBS Press Express
GOD FRIENDED ME -- Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. -- Acquired via CBS Press Express /

The big question for God Friended Me is who is behind the God Account. Can the show keep this mystery without getting too repetitive and boring?

TV shows with one big question can start off interesting. The problem is that question needs to be answered and open a new question at the same time or it needs to be dragged on to keep going. God Friended Me‘s big question is who is behind the God Account?

Can the series keep the mystery without boring people? After all, what other big question could there be once the mystery is solved?

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One of the downsides of keeping a question going for too long is that it gets old and boring. Look at LOST, where the big question was about why the plane crashed there. Then there was Pretty Little Liars and Gossip Girl with the questions of who A was and who GG was.

Pretty Little Liars tried giving us red herrings, but eventually, they were overused. Gossip Girl ended with the big question finally being answered, but there was a lot of drama and deviation along the way. So, is there any hope for God Friended Me?

The power for the CBS show is in the rest of the storylines. We’ve got this powerful show about fate and helping other people. At first, the friend suggests seemed random but they’ve all been connected in some way.

God Friended Me — Photo: screengrab/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express
God Friended Me — Photo: screengrab/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

Even now that the Fibonacci circle was complete, the friend suggestions are still connected in some sort of way. Sunday’s was connected to Miles through his father, Arthur. It’s possible to keep the friend suggestions going and connected without fully answering the mystery of the person behind the God Account.

In fact, the God Account mystery could remain unmentioned for a few episodes. God Friended Me is one of those shows that could offer more character development through personal lives. We could see Rakesh and Jaya’s relationship or Cara develop a deeper bond with her mother. Then there’s the relationship between Miles and his father or more focus on Miles’ sister.

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Out of all the shows that have offered a big question to answer, God Friended Me is already handling it well. While the last few episodes have been focused on Falcon aka Henry Chase, aka possibly the man behind the God Account, we don’t just watch for that. We watch for the heartfelt storylines and to see who Miles’ friend suggestion will be next.

God Friended Me
GOD FRIENDED ME — “Pilot” — Photo: Jonathan Wenk/CBS — Acquired via CBS Press Express /

It would be easy for the show to take a complete step back from the questions about the God Account. Run with the friend suggestions of the week and pick back up with questions about Henry Chase or even Simon Hayes in a few weeks time. It keeps the question running without constantly being brought up.

Once the show does have to answer the question, there’s been time to come up with a new big question to keep the series going. Of course, it’s time now for the writers to start thinking about the big question after this first mystery is solved.

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Do you think God Friended Me has a good thing going? Why do you watch the show? Who do you think is running the God Account and does it matter to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

God Friended Me airs on Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.