Supernatural recap: How do Sam and Castiel save Dean?

Supernatural -- "Nihilism" -- Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Nihilism" -- Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 14’s midseason premiere picks up where the fall finale left off. How will Sam, Castiel, and Jack save Dean from Michael’s possession?

We’ve been full of questions of Hellatus. With the Supernatural Season 14 fall finale ending with Michael possessing Dean again, we were left with a Thanos-like snap (and yes, I know that Supernatural has done the snap before, but Thanos always comes to mind now). What would happen with the snap and where was Dean? It didn’t take us long to find out.

As usual, there are spoilers in this recap. I’ll run it as the episode ran since despite spending time in Dean’s head and in Hatomi Plaza, the two storylines eventually converged.

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Picking up where the fall finale left us

While the show doesn’t open with this (more on that in a bit), it does pick up with the fall finale ending quickly. That Thanos snap was just Michael changing his clothes. Yes, he is that vain!

As Michael attacks, Sam manages to use holy fire to hurt Michael long enough for Castiel to get the cuffs on and now he’s powered down. The problem is the monsters are attacking Kansas City and others are trying to get to Michael!Dean.

Sam decides to call on a reaper to help. It’s not Jessica, but this reaper is sweet. Apparently, Death!Billie has them working in shifts because of everything the Winchesters do. Billie has a soft spot for them, though, because she gets everyone out of Hitomi Plaza and back to the Bunker.

That means the monsters are on their way, but there is some time for some chit-chat. While Sam figures out what to do, Michael!Dean taunts Jack and gets him to believe that he’s the job nobody wanted (and Dean didn’t care when he died), and tells Castiel that God keeps making draft worlds and when they fail, he moves on. That’s why Michael wants to find God and kill him.

After that, Sam and Castiel head into Dean’s mind. After initially looking at all the trauma, Sam realizes that Michael would create a happy world that would throw Dean off.

Where is that mystery world?

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Dean retires with a bar

Dean gets the normal life. Well, sort of. He gets retirement, which involves a bar, Sam and Castiel still out hunting when necessary, and Pamela Barnes.

Yes, the Pamela Barnes.

While the two just live their normal life in the bar, vampires attack and the two fight them off. And then everything repeats.

When Sam and Castiel get to them, they’re naturally shocked that Pamela is there. Flashes of the vampire attacks and the two doing other things around the bar throw us all off, especially since Dean and Pamela have no idea what Sam and Castiel have seen.

Sam manages to help Dean remember about Pamela being blinded and then dying. He helps Dean remember everything that Michael did. And with that, Michael shows up.

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Michael talks a bit to waste time while the monsters attack on the outside (just briefly, the monsters get to the bunker with Jack and the Apocalypse World hunters and Jack uses his powers to get rid of the monsters), but then Dean, Sam, and Castiel challenge him to a fight. Dean wants to kick Michael out but Michael makes it clear he’ll just be blood and bone.

So, Dean decides to do something radical. He traps Michael in the bar’s walk-in fridge and holds him there with a screwdriver. His mind, his rules, and he’ll be the cage.

Can we now expect some excessive hammering inside Dean’s mind? Michael!Dean will have to come back at some point again, right?

As for Jack, Castiel makes it clear that Jack can’t use his powers like that again.

Supernatural Season 14, Episode 10
Supernatural — “Nihilism” — Photo: Shane Harvey/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Death pays a visit

Finally, Death!Billie pays Dean a visit. She’s worried because all her books about Dean in her reading room end the same way. They all show Michael escaping Dean’s mind and burning down the Earth.

Well, all except one. What will Dean need to do to prevent Michael escaping? We don’t get to find out, but Death!Billie makes it clear that he can have the book and it’s up to him what he does with it.

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What did you think of how Supernatural dealt with Michael!Dean? Are you glad it’s not all over yet? What can Dean do to save the world? What does this mean for Jack? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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