I’m Sorry exclusive sneak peek: The gift bags look a little fishy

I'm Sorry -- Photo credit: TruTV -- Acquired via TruTV press site
I'm Sorry -- Photo credit: TruTV -- Acquired via TruTV press site /

Rich Eisen guest stars in the upcoming episode of I’m Sorry. Check out this exclusive clip. Those gift bags certainly look a little fishy to me.

I’m Sorry airs on Wednesday with Rich Eisen guest starring. When the kids are at a birthday party, the parents learn that there’s something a little fishy about the gift bags. Check out everything in the exclusive clip from TruTV.

Quite honestly, I can’t say we’ve all been there. Okay, there are definitely some questionable items thrown into birthday gift bags. You wonder whether your child is mature enough for items or whether you really want those craft projects sticking around your whole living room.

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But at least the items are fun and give your kids something to do when they get home. Or they’re just packed full of sugar to eat at home, where you can at least ration it after the sugar-fuelled party they’ve been at.

What if the party gift bags were like something you’d never seen before? What if they were a little fishy? The ones in I’m Sorry on Jan. 23 are a whole lot more than a little fishy. Check out the clip below before I continue.

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Hands up if you laughed out loud the minute you saw the goldfish gift bags — and I’m not talking about the crunchy, delicious snacks that my three-year-old devours every time we’re at a party! I’m not even sure how I’d react to getting an actual fish as a gift. My puppy certainly wouldn’t be happy to see another pet in the house, although at least this one just swims around a tank.

Andrea is every parent, right? You don’t want to upset the host but you really don’t want the fish. Just smile, accept, and figure out what to do with it when you get home! That can’t be just me, can it?

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What would you do if your kids got a fish as a gift bag? What are you excited to see on I’m Sorry? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

I’m Sorry with Rich Eisen airs Wednesday, Jan. 23 on TruTV. Season 1 is currently available to stream on Netflix.