Supernatural Season 5, Episode 4 recap: What’s going on in 2014?

Supernatural -- "The End" -- Photo: David Gray/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "The End" -- Photo: David Gray/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

Supernatural Season 5, Episode 4 took us to 2014 to see what had happened if Sam and Dean remained on their separate paths. Here’s everything that went down, including a look at Samifer.

In Supernatural Season 4, we headed to the past for an episodeSupernatural Season 5, Episode 4 gave us a look at the future. 2014 to be exact.

Through the eyes of Dean, we got to see what life would be like if Sam said yes to Lucifer without his brother by his side, and it wasn’t a good look. Future!Dean had completely changed, Castiel had lost his wings, and Sam had given in as Lucifer said he would.

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Here’s everything that happened in “The End,” in case you need the reminder of what 2014 would look like.

Dean is sent to the future

After passing a preaching man outside his hotel, Dean gets a call from Castiel, who may have a lead on the Colt. All Dean wants is a few hours sleep, but when he wakes, he finds himself in a trashed and decayed hotel room. It’s the same place he fell asleep in but not the same time.

Also, Kansas City has been destroyed. When he finds a girl who is crying, he goes to her only for her to attack him with a knife. All Dean can do is knock her out and it’s then that he realizes the world “Croatoan” is spray painted on the wall.

Recognize the word? You should, because it was used in Supernatural Season 2.

Sure enough, the city is infested with people infected from the demon virus. Dean rushes away but he’s cornered until the U.S. Army arrives and kills the infected people. Dean is able to hide, only emerging at night when he sees that he’s five years in the future.

Supernatural — “The End” — Photo: David Gray/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — “The End” — Photo: David Gray/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Finding out who sent him

While Castiel was the one to send Dean to the past, Zachariah is the one to send him to the future. After hotwiring a car, Zachariah visits to show that the Croatoan virus has spread to Australia and Dean needs to say yes to Michael or this is going to happen. He’s got three days in the future to see what it’s really like.

And so, Dean heads to Bobby’s house, which has been torn to pieces and Bobby’s wheelchair has bullet holes. Dean goes grab Bobby’s journal and finds a photo of his surrogate father and Castiel at a place called Camp Chitaqua in a photo. And just as he gets there and finds the ruined Impala, he’s knocked out.

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Future!Dean was the one to do it and starts interrogating Dean since he doesn’t believe that this is really him. However, he does acknowledge that the usual silver and holy water did nothing to him. Once Future!Dean is happy that he’s come across his past self and admits that he hasn’t spoken to Sam in five years, he shares that there was a showdown in Detroit and Sam didn’t make it out.

Supernatural — “The End” — Photo: David Gray/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural — “The End” — Photo: David Gray/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Dean goes in search for more answers

Once he’s free and Future!Dean has gone on a mission, Dean decides to get answers from others. He finds Future!Chuck, who is in charge of supplies and a woman called Risa, who it seems Dean has a thing with. However, Dean wants Castiel.

Surprisingly, Castiel is surrounded by women and wants them to prepare for an orgy. Our angel is now human, but he knows that Dean isn’t from this point in time. There isn’t much time to focus on this as Future!Dean returns from his mission, showing his battle-hardened ways and the fact that he finally has the Colt.

It’s time to put the plan to kill Lucifer in motion. While the others get things in motion, Future!Dean shares more with his past self. Sam didn’t die in Detroit but said yes to Lucifer. Now, Future!Dean would love nothing more than to say yes to Michael, but Michael and the other angels have gone. Future!Dean wants Dean to say yes to Michael when he gets the chance.

Finally, we get the mission to go after Samifer, but Dean is knocked out by his future self. By the time Dean wakes up, Castiel, Risa and the others have being killed in battle. Dean manages to get to Samifer, who kills Future!Dean and turns his attention to our Dean.

We get to hear Lucifer’s story about why he fell from grace and that the fight between Lucifer and Michael will happen. It has to.

Finally, Zachariah returns and takes Dean back to his own time. Zachariah makes it clear that Dean needs to allow Michael to possess him to prevent billions from dying, but Dean still refuses. Just as Zachariah threatens Dean, Castiel uses his powers to bring Dean to him.

The following day, Dean decides it’s time to make up with Sam. They need to hunt together if they want to stop the impending apocalypse.

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