Why Medici: The Magnificent will become your next weekend binge

Medici: The Magnificent -- Courtesy of Netflix and Vod Lux -- Acquired via TPF London PR
Medici: The Magnificent -- Courtesy of Netflix and Vod Lux -- Acquired via TPF London PR /

Netflix’s latest period drama drops tomorrow. Medici: The Magnificent is going to be your weekend binge and here’s why.

Medici: The Magnificent is the latest period drama from Netflix. Produced by Lux Vide, the series has a stellar cast — and you’ll recognize many of them from voice alone. Teen Wolf‘s Daniel Sharman takes on the role of Lorenzo the Magnificent and Sharpe’s Sean Bean is Jacopo Pazzi. But the cast alone isn’t the only reason to start watching or the reason it will become your weekend binge.

Medici: The Magnificent quickly gets into the storyline. It all starts with a situation that leads to Lorenzo taking over his family-run bank, which puts him at loggerheads with others, most specifically Jacopo. Set two decades after Medici: Masters of Florence, we get to see the de Medici family face a country on the verge of war. All Lorenzo wants to do is prevent it.

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There are some elements of the real story within the series. Like any historical fiction, there are most definitely fictional elements but they add to the series. I don’t know Italian history all that much, but the series immediately makes me want to learn more. The only bit of the de Medici family history I know is Catherine de Medici, who was one of the main characters in The CW’s Reign, but 15 minutes into Medici: The Magnificent makes me need to know more.

Then there’s the drama and action. The series wastes no time in getting into the details. You don’t get a huge backstory exposition for the lead characters, with the situation that leads to Lorenzo taking over the family bank happening within the first 10 minutes, quickly creating the tension between the families.

Medici: The Magnificent
Medici: The Magnificent — Courtesy of Netflix and Vod Lux — Acquired via TPF London PR /

While much of the focus is on Lorenzo (he is the gateway into the series) and the Pazzi conspiracy, don’t think for a minute that the other characters are overlooked. Within 20 minutes, you get a sense of a Romeo & Juliet storyline, while seeing the different personalities between Lorenzo’s siblings and himself. Three-dimensional side characters are always essential to a story.

But what about the villain? More often than not, villains are one-dimensional annoyances that get in the way. That’s certainly not the case with Pazzi. Sean Bean has always been excellent in jumping between the hero and villain in his projects. He’s a chameleon and as much as you want to like him, you certainly won’t be able to. You get a chance to see his scheming and planning, his ability to play two sides when necessary.

If you’ve already watch Medici: Masters of Florence, you’ll immediately get a sense of what to expect. However, there’s no need to watch the first one to understand the beginnings of this one. Yes, there are the odd Easter eggs and connections — it is the same family, after all! — but you can jump into this series. Once you’ve finished all eight episodes, you’ll definitely want to jump into the first season.

With beautiful set design, excellent costumes, and meaningful writing, this is one of those series that will become your favorite to watch and then rewatch.

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What did you love about Medici: Masters of Florence? What are you excited to see in Medici: The Magnificent? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Medici: The Magnificent is out on Netflix on Jan. 25.