Supernatural recap: Why does Nick need Mary Winchester?

Supernatural -- "Damaged Goods" -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR
Supernatural -- "Damaged Goods" -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- Acquired via CW TV PR /

When Dean heads to Hibbing to spend ‘quality time with mom’ on Supernatural Season 14, Episode 11, it’s clear he’s up to something. Everything is put on hold when Nick shows up.

We all knew Dean was going to get up to something on Supernatural Season 14, Episode 11 when he headed up to Mary. If only that was all we had to worry about. Nick heads to Hibbing too in search for Mary after he learns a secret about Abraxas.

As usual, there are spoilers in this recap. Read at your own risk.

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Nick gets answers about Abraxas

The cold open is Nick torturing a demon to find Abraxas. This demon used to work with Abraxas until Abraxas was caught by a hunter. Which hunter?

Oh, it only turns out that it was one in Hibbing, so it’s not surprising to find out that Nick is heading there for the one and only Mary Winchester. While there, he’s pulled over by Donna. Yes, this is as awesome as you’d think. It doesn’t take long for Donna to figure out why she needs to pull Nick over — the van is stolen.

Unfortunately, Nick knows that he’s likely to be put in cuffs, so grabs a paper clip and with the help of a taser, he’s able to get out of dodge. For now.

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Winchester Surprise

Meanwhile, also in Hibbing, Dean heads out to see his mom (stopping by to see Donna for a burger and a catch up first). It’s clear that everyone knows he’s up to something, but Mary agrees to get the ingredients needed to make Winchester Surprise. Now that I’ve heard of it as a “delicious heart attack on a plate,” I need to know what was in it.

While she’s gone, Dean has his chance to start making whatever he’s in Hibbing for. And yes, Michael tries to get out at the same time.

Sam heads up to the cabin, even though Mary wants to talk to Dean herself. THere’s certainly some sweet family stories of Dean as a kid. There’s even a heart-to-heart about the last couple of rough years and you know that this is a shout out to the fans to give Mary a chance just like Dean is.

Supernatural Season 14, Episode 11 sneak peek
Supernatural — “Damaged Goods” — Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW — Acquired via CW TV PR /

Finding Abraxas

That night, Mary decides to check out the shed she knew Dean was in earlier. Just as it looks like we might find out what it is, we only get to see Mary realize what it is Dean is making. Unfortunately, Nick manages to get to Mary before Donna is able to get word to Dean — and all Donna knows is that it’s a guy called Nick.

This is just as Sam gets to Hibbing, so it’s time for the Winchester brothers to head out in search for Mary. Of course, Dean isn’t happy that Sam gave him a pass.

Mary remembers Abraxas and she tells him that the demon is dead. However, Nick knows that isn’t the case. Mary trapped him in some sort of box and he needs to know how. It turns out Mary is a dab hand at using Enochian puzzle boxes and now it’s time to take Nick to that box. If you thought John was the first to have tripped-out storage lockers, you’ll be mistaken. Mary has them too!

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Nick isn’t happy when he realizes that he can’t open the box, so he decides to drill it open. Damage the Enochian symbols right? And it works, with the demon jumping into the security guard Nick had kidnapped and tied up in a devil’s trap.

So desperate for answers, Nick is willing to kill Mary to convince Abraxas to talk. Her sons get to her just in time. Nick decides to break the devil’s trap, giving us a chance to see just how strong Abraxas is. And yes, Lucifer did order Abraxas to kill Nick’s family.

Just as it felt like Supernatural was delivering a demon very much like Azazel, Meg, and all the other feared demons of the earlier seasons, Nick stabs Abraxas’ vessel with an angel blade. And as he goes after Mary, he’s shot in the leg. Anyone else disappointed?

In the end, as Sam is sorry for never being able to help Nick, Nick shares he doesn’t want to be fixed. Nick doesn’t think he’s broken, but Sam knows he is and Sam is done giving Nick more chances. It’s off to jail for Nick.

Meanwhile, Mary brings up the fact that she’s seen what Dean has been building and she isn’t keeping this secret. So, it doesn’t take long for Dean to tell Sam about the box. It’s a lockbox that will trap even an archangel and Dean is willing to be trapped with the archangel for eternity at the bottom of an ocean.

Dean had made his choice. There isn’t another way (and Dean admits all about the books) and he didn’t want to tell Sam because he knew Sam would talk him out of it.

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What did you think of the handling of Abraxas? What are the Winchesters going to do next? What do you think of Dean’s choice? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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