Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes to watch instead of the Super Bowl

Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash
Photo Credit: Bob's Burgers/Fox, Acquired From Fox Flash /
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3. “The Equestranauts”

If you’re looking for something non-sports related, then “The Equestranauts” is the episode for you. Many tote this as their favorite episode of Bob’s Burgers and people who don’t even like the show like this episode. If that’s not a testament to how good this episode is, I don’t know what else is.

“The Equestranauts” follows Tina as she attends Equestra Con, a convention about her favorite animated show featuring ponies. Upon arrival, she realizes it’s full of grown men who love the show and trick her into giving away Chariot. To get her back, Bob goes undercover as an Equesticle. As you might have picked up, it’s an obvious parody of My Little Pony and the fandom of Bronies.

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Even though this episode is fun and light-hearted, it’s also a little bit serious. It talks a lot about fandom culture and how certain demographics can ruin said fandom for others just trying to have fun. Regardless, “The Equestranauts” is a story about how far a father is willing to go for his daughter and a lesson in how to properly parody fandom culture. If you don’t watch any other episode on this list, watch “The Equestranauts.”