The Resident recap: 3 big questions we had during Season 2, Episode 13

THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX. -- Acquired via FOX Flash
THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX. -- Acquired via FOX Flash /

Julian’s car is finally discovered on this week’s episode of The Resident, and the surgeons try and tackle a seemingly impossible surgery.

It was a tense episode of The Resident this week. Actually, I found it even more nerve-wracking than last week’s episode and that entailed a brush with the literal Black Death.

Julian’s fate is still up in the air, although the wreckage of her car is discovered after being run off the road. But Julian isn’t the only question I had while watching Episode 13 of the medical drama’s sophomore season.

Is Julian dead?

A source of controversy for many fans, Jenna Dewan’s character, Julian, was the romantic foil to Priya. She was the other woman and many found her character somewhat pointless outside of a source of conflict for the once-happy couple. Personally, I didn’t mind Julian, although I wasn’t a fan of the love triangle and cheating.

It’s unfortunate that just when the character’s arc was beginning to get some substance she was written off. Though I think it had more to do with Dewan’s busy schedule than anything else.

Julian had begun investigating the fraudulent manufacturing going on behind QuoVadis factory doors and circling the dark truth of the company. Before she could tell anyone her findings or show proof, she mysteriously disappeared. Though us viewers saw her getting run off the road and Gordon Page hiring a crew to wipe her apartment clean of anything related to QuoVadis.

We still don’t have affirmation of Julian’s death. Her body hasn’t been found and it’s possible The Resident is keeping the doors open for a surprise twist but given they found her car submerged in a lake, it’s unlikely she’s still breathing.

The Resident
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX. — Acquired via FOX Flash /

Is a triple transplant surgery possible?

Eloise is an exceptionally bright and ambitious med school student who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Unfortunately, given the poor health of her lungs and overall ability to function normally on a day-to-day basis, she is at risk of premature death if something isn’t done quickly.

Conrad and Kit come up with an idea to get her a triple transplant surgery, replacing her lungs, pancreas, and liver in order to save her life. It’s an extremely risky procedure that has only been completed successfully one time in Canada but it is Eloise’s only option.

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If only they knew a surgeon reckless and cocky enough to try and accomplish a dangerous surgery like that! Oh wait, they do. Austin steps in with Mina’s help and they are able to create a miracle and save Eloise’s life, even after an anxiety-inducing moment where the lungs aren’t viable and Eloise’s parents have to step in as donors.

Is Jessie using again?

I had a feeling something might be up when we saw Jessie again, unusually peppy. Then when she asked Nic for money, I had that leaden feeling in my stomach she was using again. Conrad spots it from a mile away but given Nic’s less-than-warm feelings towards Conrad at the moment and the fact she wants to believe the best in Jessie after all they’ve been through, it takes her a little more convincing.

Well, the push comes when one of Jessie’s old school friends actually dies from an opioid overdose at Chastain. Nic has a moment of clarity and rushes home to investigate further and what she finds isn’t pretty.

Emily Vancamp gives an incredible performance in the confrontation scene with her sister. In it, Nic is fed up with always having to worry about Jessie’s health, about trying to help her consistently yet Jessie falls back into the same patterns over and over again. Clearly, Jessie is devastating her sister in ways she may not even realize. Her desire to get high drowns out all the rest.

Nic kicks Jessie out of her house because she doesn’t want to feel guilty anymore if her sister dies but we all know that will never happen. Even if Nic does hold her ground, if something did happen to her sister she would never recover. But at the same time, there is only so much you can do for people who don’t want to help themselves. It’s one of the toughest battles there is and I doubt this one is over just yet.

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Odds & Ends

  • Nic and Conrad had a pretty big fight last week and the ripple effect can be felt in their strained interactions this week, but the fight itself is never really addressed. I wonder if that’s going to boil over into a bigger argument later on?
  • Wow, for once Bell actually wasn’t a terrible person and made the right choice about allowing the triple transplant surgery and pulling the defective QuoVadis heart valves off the shelf.
  • I wonder how brutal Gordon Page’s retaliation is going to be against Bell and Chastain as a whole? Bell, you’ve got a big storm coming by the looks of it.

A new episode of The Resident titled “Doing Stupid Things For Love” airs Feb. 11 on FOX.