Temptation Island Season 1 Episode 5 preview & LS

There are several more guaranteed hookups on the Temptation Island horizon. One couple is already done, will the others last?

The drama is heating up on Temptation Island. While one new showmance is brewing between Evan and Morgan, there are a few other relationships that are potentially crumbling. And if the social media presence of some of the ladies on the show is any indication, there is a lot more behind the scenes drama going on for the Temptation Island ladies.

Who is the next Evan and Morgan? Furthermore, will one of those two declare their love before the season is over?

What to expect on the next episode

Based on behind the scenes footage, it’s only a matter of time before Kady is in the arms of another man (probably Dr. John), and one of the guys falls in love with the irresistible Brittney Rose.

As many have mentioned, it’s a show with the premise of breaking up relationships; so, it shouldn’t be shocking when cheating starts to happen. And since it’s on Temptation Island, is it even cheating to begin with?

One thing’s for certain, the introduction of new singles makes the show even more unpredictable. Based upon Matt’s complete lack of game – including his complete crash and burn with Nicole – he might just be the next person leaving the show.

As for the women, it wouldn’t be a shocker to see newcomer Lindsay leave the show without ever getting a chance to step in the batter’s box.

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Date: Wednesday, Feb. 12
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