Deadly Class: Michel Duval discusses Chico’s moment at the end of Saudade

DEADLY CLASS -- Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY -- Acquired via NBC Media Village
DEADLY CLASS -- Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY -- Acquired via NBC Media Village /

Deadly Class delivered its impactful, pivotal Vegas episode. Those who had read the comics knew what was coming, but did you really expect them to stick to it? Michel Duval breaks down those moments for Chico in Vegas.

Caution: There are spoilers in this post about Deadly Class Season 1, Episode 5.

Deadly Class has always made the promise to stay true to the graphic novels. With Rick Remender behind the show, it was always going to be his creation. Sure, there were some ways he could delve deeper into a character or two, but you knew what would happen in that first comic would happen in the show.

When would it happen? Well, we got that moment tonight. We’ve said goodbye to the biggest villain on the series so far and there are certainly mixed thoughts. Who can beat Chico at being the smart, well-developed villain? Michel Duval took some time to discuss those final scenes to break down why it was so important to get the story just like the comics.

Hidden Remote: I cannot believe what happened at the end of that episode!

Michel Duval: It was a crazy episode, right?

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HR: Definitely! I could see it coming but I didn’t quite think you guys would go there. I thought and hoped there would be a twist.

Duval: Well, we told you guys at the very beginning we’d stay true to the comics. There was no way to go around it. And I really do believe that Chico’s death is the detonating bomb that makes the history change forever. After Chico’s death, it goes bananas from there and the five main characters lose control.

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HR: So this is definitely it. Deadly Class is staying true to the comics then?

Duval: Yeah, in the alley was just like the comics. We even tried to do the same shots. I even asked for the black bandana that Chico has. This was the biggest scene for me in the show, so I wanted to stay true and do justice.

At the end of the day, we’re an academy of assassins and Chico was not going to stop. It was Maria who did it.

DEADLY CLASS — Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY — Acquired via NBC Media Village
DEADLY CLASS — Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

HR: I thought it was fitting that it was Maria.

Duval: You know, I think Chico had the feeling Maria didn’t have the courage and then she does. She kills her boyfriend for Marcus. We find out she feels something for Marcus. As the story goes along, there’s going to be a triangle between arcus, Saya, and Maria and it’s going to turn sideways.

HR: What was it like trying to get into Chico’s head? He was so awful to everyone but there were times I saw this glint of something good deep down.

Duval: Yeah, I always wanted to make this villain not a villain just because he wants to do villain things. There’s a story that makes him who he is. Going back to that past story, I found out things about Chico and really understood his mindset. I really do believe he’s a mastermind.

He knew everything. He knew Maria set up Marcus; that Willie wouldn’t pull the trigger; that Maria told Saya the story about the normal life. Knowledge is his real power.

Once I understood that I came to the conclusion that the Vegas alley scene, Chico knew he was gonna die. There was no way he would go back to Kings Dominion after losing his girl and respect. He knew it was the end of the line, but he wanted to take as many of the others as he could with him. He was going to take out Marcus, Willie, Billy, and Saya. At the end, he’d take Maria and go out with her.

He had everything and nothing in one second, so I think he was just as confused in that alley as everyone, but his instinct was killing. That’s all he’s done since he was seven.

I don’t think he believed Maria had the courage to [kill him]. He was looking at everyone but Maria, and it was Maria who caught him by surprise.

Deadly Class
DEADLY CLASS — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

HR: What was it about Chico that pulled you into the character when you got the audition.

Duval: When I auditioned, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I didn’t know the comics. After I got the role, I read the comics and I was blown away.

The first comic ends with the Vegas episode, so I knew I had a timeline to make a difference. Once I knew the character died in the comics, I was pretty sure he would die in the first season. I didn’t know when, so every episode that I got I’d check if this was it. When it wasn’t, I knew I had at least one more episode to leave Chico in people’s memories as a villain and make a difference with the acting.

When I got to the episode, I knew it would be time. It took me more than 10 years to have this opportunity to make a difference and let people know about my talent. I hope this scene shows that I can act.

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HR: I do hope you get something from this. It’s been fun seeing this journey for him. There’s this want for him to do the right thing and he doesn’t. When Saya and Marcus were attacked by her cousins and he just ran off. I wanted him to do the right thing and then he didn’t.

Duval: At the end of the day, he did the right thing for him. At [Kings Dominion], it’s every man for himself.

Chico saw everyone as competition. He looked at these assassins killing Saya and Viktor, his competition. He saw that they were trapped with no weapons. This was perfect for him. He’s a survivor and has been since he was a kid.

He was getting into fights with everyone and was in control of the school. Now he’s dead, there’s no one in control and there will be a fight for power. The school will become Civil War and I hope people will feel he’s missing.

HR: If they had decided not to go with the comics and kept Chico around for a little longer, what would you have liked to have seen?

Duval: Oh, I would have liked to see a fight between Chico and Saya. They were at the top, the Titans. That scene at the Legacy Dance, I thought they were going to fight.

I would have also liked to have seen a scene between Chico and his father, just to see what his father could do to Chico. I don’t believe Chico is traumatized by his father, but he knows he’s a shadow.

But there are surprises. Chico’s dead but I said, “see you later,” but I can’t say anything more.

DEADLY CLASS — Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY — Acquired via NBC Media Village
DEADLY CLASS — Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY — Acquired via NBC Media Village /

HR: Oh, that’s a tease! I could see him haunting the core fives’ minds.

Duval: I don’t know – a ghost, imagination?

HR: I’ve got one final question for you. What’s been your best moment on set?

Duval: I’ve got to say Chico’s death. It was a difficult two-day shoot. We started at 7 p.m. and finished at 8 p.m. It was 14 hours, overnight. There’s a scene where the sun was already coming up, so they tricked the light to look like it was dark still.

It was awesome to see the five main characters go against Chico ad not be able to beat him. The thing about my fellow actors is they respected the scene so much. This scene was about making Chico shine and not everyone else. They respected everything I did and went with my lines and what I did.

We shot the scenes backward. We started with my death, then the middle, then the beginning. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Being able to rely on those five amazing actors, they’re my family. It was a humbling, unbelievable experience and I’m so glad I could share it with the cast, the crew, and the director, Adam Kane.

HR: Everything came together brilliantly. This death definitely shocked me. My jaw dropped.

Duval: It was a team effort and I’d been preparing for that for three months. When the moment came, I couldn’t be more ready and I’m so glad you said you were shocked.

I hope people are like “yes, kill him” and then, “wait, don’t kill him!” I hope this villain can change people’s minds and not be a one-dimensional character.

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What did you think of that final moment for Chico? If you’re not a comic fan, did you see it happen? As a comic fan, did it work out the way you expected? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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