Bob’s Burgers: 5 episodes where Tina deserved better than Jimmy Jr

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4. “Two For Tina”

With the shortness of season 2, there are no episodes centered around Tina and Jimmy Jr. Skipping ahead to season 3, the episode the first popped out to me was “Two For Tina.” This episode should have been Tina’s major red flag when it came to her crush but let’s get into what went wrong.

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The episode begins with Tina asking Jimmy Jr to the dance but he just keeps dancing and tells her “Maybe” because he wants to find out his other options. That might have been one thing, but the episode only gets worse from there. When Jimmy Jr finds out that Tina’s going with another boy, he freaks out and suddenly wants her to go with him but she chooses Josh. He tries to woo her but with no avail as Tina made her decision.

Jimmy Jr is persistent and even shows up at the other school to have a dance battle to win Tina’s affection. In the end, Tina makes it weird and ends up alone. Regardless, Jimmy Jr’s behavior was completely uncalled for. He only wanted Tina when she was with someone else. Jimmy Jr should have left Tina alone and let her have fun with Josh as he had no reason to be jealous.

“Two For Tina” should have been Tina’s first clue to give up on Jimmy Jr. If Jimmy Jr wouldn’t have shown up, Tina probably would have had a good time with Josh. Sadly, the girl keeps following her heart right back to his butt.