The Gifted Season 2 finale recap: The five takeaways from oMens

THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX.
THE GIFTED, FOX. ©2018 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Eliza Morse/FOX. /
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2. John unleashes the Thunderbird

After the flashbacks, we get a series of sequences showing where the Mutant Underground and Inner Circle are in the battle. Reeva has to make changes to her plans now that she has lost Andy and Lorna and the Mutant Underground wants to use the Strucker siblings to destroy the Inner Circle’s hideout. Problem is before they can carry out this plan, Reeva calls Benedict Ryan to sic the Purifiers on the Mutant Underground. It’s not explained how she knew where they were located which is a little frustrating but with an hour runtime, sacrifices are made I guess.

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After the Purifiers show up, Jace plans on waiting them out and surrounding the perimeter so they cannot escape from him again. John decides to take the fight to the Purifiers since he can take bullets and hopes the effort will cause a distraction for the group to escape. Once he does, the show becomes an entirely different beast bringing a well-done action set piece between John and the Purifiers.

It’s honestly a little frustrating that the show does not attempt to do this more often. The show also stops taking itself so seriously at this moment showing John put on warpaint and then mysteriously it cuts back to him later and he has the paint on perfectly–without even using a mirror. Seriously, the show needs more of this. It could easily be as entertaining as the Fast & Furious franchise if it loosened up some.

Shortly after his vicious brawl with the Purifiers, John collapses with blood on him showing he is getting weak. He hides by a dumpster to avoid being seen by the rest of the Purifiers. From nowhere Erg appears to defend him and they settle their differences to fight the hate group. Erg tells John to punch him to help him build energy and he hits him a number of times before being interrupted by Jace and three Purifiers.

Erg unleashes a blast from his eye destroying Jace’s back-up and John savagely puts a beat down on Jace and almost kills him with a knife. Jace tells him to do it so he can be with his daughter again but John has a change of heart. The end of the episode showed Jace being hospitalized from his injuries from John.

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3. Esme betrays her sisters

While the rest of the group is planning their attack against the Purifiers, Andy and Lauren wait idly by debating whether they should join hands and destroy all of the Purifiers in one massive blow. That said, their discussion is interrupted by the Frost sisters as they take both of their minds hostage. Reeva’s new plan is revealed and it involves forcing Andy and Lauren to destroy the Sentinel Services building using mind control by the Frost triplets.

Problem is once they get close to the building, Esme begins having a moral change of heart because doing it to them can cause them to die by a stroke–and they are so young. Thus beginning a debate between Esme and her sisters.

That said, despite her hesitation, she proceeds with the plan forcing Andy and Lauren to kill innocent lives by destroying the building. The result leaves a bad taste in Esme’s mouth about who she is and the choices she is making. Soon after, she is confronted by Reed, Kate, Lorna, and Marcos.

The other two sisters threaten to kill the siblings if they don’t back off but Reed still tries to reason with them. The sisters then attempt to make Andy and Lauren join hands to kill all of them including their mother and father. Lorna then urges Esme to remember her past and how it felt to be forced to kill.

After Esme breaks the bond, the other sisters let go of Andy and Lauren’s minds because they are surprised by her hesitation. Marcos then blasts the other sisters making them fall to the ground– it’s unclear if they are alive or dead. Esme remains concerned for her sisters but presses the others to escape while they can.