Gotham recap Season 5, Episode 8: How did Harvey’s old sins resurface?

GOTHAM -- Cr: FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash
GOTHAM -- Cr: FOX -- Acquired via FOX Flash /

On last night’s Gotham, Jim learns a bit more about Harvey’s checkered past as an old case of his resurfaces with a new face. Meanwhile, an old friend of Oswald’s shows up and Bruce confronts a mysterious creature.

Previously on Gotham, Jim and Harvey were continuing to work towards Gotham’s reunification, which was delayed when Jeremiah/Joker inadvertently poisoned the city’s water supply with toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, Oswald and Ed begin plotting their escape from the city via submarine. What new pieces of the puzzle fell into place during last night’s episode of Gotham titled “Nothing’s Shocking”?

Harvey’s cold case got hotter

We rejoin the Gotham City crew at the Sirens club as two old mobsters are knifed in the jugular. Barbara, who is beginning to show her baby bump, calls in the GCPD and Harvey reveals that the two used to be cops. They’re able to piece together the intel to reveal the killer was Harvey’s old partner, Dix. Most surprisingly, though, Harvey reveals that Dix had been paralyzed for years.

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Jim and Harvey encounter Dix, now wheelchair-bound, who suspiciously won’t tell Jim anything more than the fact that Harvey, Dix, and the two deceased all worked a case together. But then a man knocks on the door, wearing a mask that makes him look exactly like Dix.

When they get back to the GCPD, Harvey and Dix are still cagey about the case, and so Jim ventures off alone to find the only witness to testify in that case. Dix tells Harvey that the girl is dead, having died as a patient in Arkham, but if there’s one thing you can be sure of it’s that no one who dies in Arkham stays dead.

In any case, Jim and some other officers follow the lead to a seemingly abandoned house. During the investigation, a masked figure ambushes Jim’s partner, morphing her face to look like his face over hers and ambushing Jim. Luckily Gordon is able to overpower her and bring her into custody.

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Back at the GCPD, the girl reveals that she was experimented on by Hugo Strange while she was at Arkham, and reveals that those masks were actually her shedding her skin. She tells Jim that her name is Jane Doe and that she’s seeking revenge for their part in her mother’s case, telling him to ask Harvey.

Everything seems under control until Gordon leaves the room and Jane Doe begins contorting her bones, slipping through the handcuffs. She manages to turn into Harvey and pulls Dix into the back locker room where she strangles the ex-cop. Jim and Harvey quickly realize that Doe got out and killed Harvey’s partner while in disguise, so they attempt to lock down the precinct.

However, Doe has already taken Barbara’s face and manages to escape. Harvey tracks her back to her childhood home and finds the girl.

Doe tells Harvey that he and those other cops bear responsibility for forcing her to testify against her mother and then abandoning her, leaving her to become a ward of the state and eventually ending up in Gotham. Harvey apologizes for his past crimes, but he’s eventually forced to kill her after she draws a gun on him.

GOTHAM — Cr: FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash
GOTHAM — Cr: FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash /

Something in the water

After Joker dumps the gas into the water, we learn that the river has been poisoned, and people have started going missing around the sewers. A woman recounts being attacked by someone or something and begs Bruce to go find her husband who was just lost.

Bruce and Alfred venture into the sewers alongside the poisoned river and find severed human body parts. Back under the sewer, Bruce encounters the woman’s husband and hears growling noises coming from further down the sewer. In the dying light, we get a glimpse of a man with scaly skin (sort of like a crocodile huh?) who drags the woman’s husband off into the darkness.

The pair manage to fight off the beast and get the man back to the GCPD. Bruce questions whether they should have looped in the police before they went in, but Alfred says sometimes the city needs a protector to act decisively.

GOTHAM — Cr: FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash
GOTHAM — Cr: FOX — Acquired via FOX Flash /

Penn’s no dummy

Oswald and Ed continue their quest to build a submarine, but are rudely interrupted by Oswald’s old assistant Penn. It’s suspicious because Penn appeared to have been killed earlier in the season.

Penn reveals that a ventriloquist dummy named Mr. Scarface is “controlling” his actions, and unsurprisingly Oswald and Ed laugh at him. But as the dummy begins talking, it becomes more and more apparent that either Penn is completely unhinged, or that the dummy actually has been controlling him. Penn shoots a man and threatens Oswald and Ed unless they cooperate with him

The doll/Penn demands that Oswald and Ed give up their treasure, of all the loot that Penguin had amassed after the bridges went down. Eventually, Oswald and Ed overpower and kill Penn, blowing the head off the dummy first.

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Gotham airs Thursday nights on Fox.