The Resident recap: 3 best scenes from Season 2, Episode 16

THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX. -- Acquired via FOXFlash
THE RESIDENT -- Cr: Guy D'Alema/FOX. -- Acquired via FOXFlash /

A new episode of The Resident has premiered. QuoVadis is planning its next big move for the VNS, will Conrad & Co. be able to stop it?

Last week we witnessed the travesty of QuoVadis’s shoddily made, fraudulent, medical devices yet again. This time they were a threat to one of The Resident’s cutest regular patients, Henry, who almost died when his VNS started stopping his heart over and over again.

It appeared this incident would be the final nail in the coffin of the wretched Gordon Page and his company, but like a cockroach, he somehow escaped unscathed. Or did he? A surprising hero swoops in to save the day and close the door on QuoVadis for good this week, but as perThe Resident’s style, not without a twist.

Keep reading as I look back at the three best scenes from the latest episode.

The Resident
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash /

1. Nic and Alec put the Mobile Med to good use.

When Marilyn Spoelstra comes in to the clinic complaining of serious pain, Nic and Alec try to assist her to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, the operation she needs – gallbladder removal, won’t be easy for Marilyn since she doesn’t have insurance.

Together, Nic and Alec come up with the idea to equip the Mobile Med bus for her and her family to live in briefly until the infection worsens to the point she necessitates surgery, ensuring she’ll receive the operation in emergency.

It’s a truly sad commentary on our healthcare system that patients sometimes have to risk their lives to get the help they need. A fact realized by Nic when she notices a big bag of fried, fatty foods on the counter. Marilyn induced her own sickness so she could get the surgery and free herself from the constant pain.

The Resident
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash /

2. Marshall shuts down QuoVadis.

Mina and Devon try to convince AJ’s former mentor, the spineless Dr. Benedict, to give them the intel they need to destroy QuoVadis and bring down Gordon Page. He’s unwilling to do so, although he does appear close to caving, close enough to put Page on edge and send his goons after him.

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Instead, Marshall is the one who takes the step needed to undermine QV. He hands over valuable proof to the military generals who plan to partner with Page and QV to launch the VNS on a national, wide-scale level. The proof? It’s the photographs Julian took of QV importing their devices from China and then relabeling them American-made. I’m not sure how Marshall got the photos, but I loved seeing Page’s ruined face.

Except… Marshall calls Page later on that night. He might be interested in buying QuoVadis out from under him since it’s on the verge of collapse and Marshall’s whole game is saving businesses from ruin and turning them into lucrative profit-earners. Marshall, no!

The Resident
THE RESIDENT — Cr: Guy D’Alema/FOX. — Acquired via FOXFlash /

Simon decides he’s a betting man.

Turns out Bell does have a soft spot after all. It’s for Chastain’s longest-serving employee, Simon, the guy who cleans up the surgical rooms after operations. Bell notices his hands are extremely swollen and asks to check him out. Between he, Conrad, and Austin, they determine that Simon has a myxoma growing on his heart in addition to endocarditis. The pairing together is extremely rare, Bell himself admits he’s only seen it twice before and only one patient lived.

But Simon is a betting man and even though surgery is risky, he wants to take the chance at being able to live out a full life rather than only having a month or two. Unfortunately, lady luck doesn’t pay Simon a visit this time and he dies on the operating table.

While I’m not a fan of Bell as a character, I found his storyline with Simon touching. When Simon is wheeled into the ER, we see into the hospital rafters from his POV, he comments that he’s never seen the OR from this angle before. Then after Simon dies, Bell scrubs the OR clean, essentially taking up the same position Simon had before and also seeing the room from a new perspective. It was a nice bookend to a meaningful relationship.

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Odds & Ends

  • Zoey was originally going to give a press release about how the VNS device almost killed Henry, but Gordon offers to pay Henry’s medical bills forever. It’s a hard offer to turn down so she accepts it. Conrad is clearly disappointed. I wonder if this is the last we’ll see of her, since she’s moving to North Carolina so Henry can get cared for at Duke.
  • Alec makes his feelings known to Nic, she brushes him off but she doesn’t completely shoot him down. Still praying they don’t go down this route.
  • Simon claims the younger version of Bell was very similar to Conrad.

A new episode of The Resident titled “Betrayal” premieres March 18th.