My 600-lb Life Season 7, Episode 10: Destinee’s Story preview & LS

Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web
Credit: TLC, Acquired via Discovery Press Web /

You think My 600-lb Life involved some craziness before? Well, this episode finally merged two train-wreck shows into a single circus.

Let’s get down to brass tacks. This episode of My 600-lb Life has not just the psychological problems of someone over 600-lbs, but also someone dealing with transgender psychological problems.

It’ll be interesting to see how Dr. Lola Clay handles this one. Initial guess: she’ll blame parents, counselors, teachers, or someone other than the person inhaling ice cream and Hungry Man Dinners.

What to expect next episode

There will be another interesting aspect of this upcoming episode. Dr. Now doesn’t put up with anything from his patients. He calls them out. If he goes HAM like usual, however, he might face the wrath of the LGBT community.

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As if someone needed any more attention, expect Mattew/Destinee to complain of being stared at because of the gender dysphoria, rather than weighing more than the average four people. There will be all sorts of confusion, and a refusal to acknowledge reality.

Honestly, for people who enjoy the complete chaos of guilty pleasure television, this might be the perfect storm. Sure, it would be better if it were an amalgamation of My 600-lb Life and Hoarders, but this combination of My 600-lb Life and I am Jazz will have to do.

The true perfect storm

Ultimately, nothing will beat the day that Whitney Way Thore eats her way to merging My Big Fat Fabulous Life with our favorite 600-lb show. At least then TLC won’t be sending such a ridiculous mixed message.

While we’re dreaming, however, how great would it be to see My Big Fat Fabulous Life turn not so fabulous, leading to Hoarding, with pizza boxes lying around everywhere, just before the eventual appearance on My 600-lb Life creates the reality television blackhole. And while we’re at it, she’ll have to downsize into a Tiny Home for laughs. That’s gotta be better than hearing Holly lisp her way through excuse after excuse.

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Date: Wednesday, Mar. 6
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