Exclusive first look: Flack Season 1, Episode 4, Brooke

Pictured (L-R): Rebecca Benson, Anna Paquin, Lydia Wilson, Katherine Kelly - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR
Pictured (L-R): Rebecca Benson, Anna Paquin, Lydia Wilson, Katherine Kelly - Photo Courtesy of Pop PR /

Flack has a brand new episode tonight on Pop TV. The network was kind enough to send Hidden Remote an exclusive clip from the episode. Check it out and find out how to watch the episode live tonight right here!

Flack fans, get excited! Pop has given us an exclusive clip to share as a sneak peek for tonight’s brand new episode (scroll down to the bottom if you want to skip to the sneak peek)!

What is “Brooke” about? Well, imagine being a cosmetics mogul and then getting caught going under the knife for a facelift. This is the dilemma faced by Brooke (guest star, Katherine Kelly of Coronation Street fame) and our favorite PR team.

Last week, Alan Davies guest-starred as washed-up comedian Dan Proctor. During his stand-up routine, he decided to “spice” things up (at Robyn’s behest) and peppered in several off-color, transphobic jokes, unaware an accomplished trans comedienne, Allie Greg, was in the audience.

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Allie eviscerates Dan in front of the entire audience and someone films the entire altercation and uploads it to the internet where it goes viral. Dan is ambushed from all sides as his bigoted tirade picks up steam, it threatens to end his upcoming comedy tour as his promoter, LiveNation, gets antsy with all the bad publicity.

Does Dan’s career flatline? Not quite. Caroline, Robyn, and Eve come up with the perfect plan to pretend the entire incident was, in fact, a well-timed and expertly maneuvered publicity stunt to generate buzz over Allie Greg joining Dan Proctor’s national tour. While it takes some convincing some serious negotiation skills, Allie eventually jumps on board and they’re able to salvage Dan’s tattered brand to perform another day.

A few other tidbits we learned from last week: Robyn is bisexual, she previously had a romance with the journalist they use to break the story on Allie and Dan’s PR stunt. Eve has a steamy one night stand with a blind date from Robyn’s NA group. Ruth gets rip-roaringly drunk at her birthday party celebration.

Tonight’s episode should be an interesting follow-up to last week’s, has Eve finally met her match in Tom? A man who sees through her sardonic snark and pretentious attitude? How will Robyn and Co. get Brooke out of her facelift debacle when the general public sees photos of her recovering? Can you trust a make-up product when the face of the brand doesn’t even seem to have faith in it?

In the below clip, (exclusively shared with us from Pop TV) you’ll see a scene with Melody, Eve, and Robyn, assessing the damage of Brooke’s facelift. 

"Robyn, Eve and Melody come to the aid of Brooke (Kelly), the founder of an organic cosmetics company, after she’s photographed apparently recovering from a facelift."

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Find out how Robyn, Eve, Caroline, and Melody save Brooke’s career and cosmetics empire tonight!

Date: Thursday, March 14
Start Time: 10/9c
Episode: Season 1, Episode 4 “Brooke”
TV Channel: Pop
Where to Watch: Stream 1 | Stream 2