The Order Season 1 ending explained: What does this mean for a second season?

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LOS ANGELES, CA - FEBRUARY 21: (L-R) Jake Manley and Jocelyn Hudon attend the Cadillac Oscar Week Celebration at Chateau Marmont on February 21, 2019 in Los Angeles, California (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for Cadillac) /

The Order is one of Netflix’s more recent supernatural Originals. Initially set up about a college freshman looking for revenge, it delivered plenty of twists and turns. The ending delivered the biggest WTF moment and here’s a breakdown of what it means.

Netflix isn’t afraid to try something different or deliver some weird and twisted storylines. The Order is one of the latest Netflix Originals to take you on a wild ride. Set up as a story about a college freshman looking to get revenge for his mother’s death, it soon becomes something far bigger.

The first season has ended with one of the biggest twists going. It wipes the slate clean, opening up absolutely anything for a potential second season. Just what did it all mean?

Naturally, there are spoilers in this post for the season finale. If you haven’t caught the ending yet, I urge you to watch first and go in without any spoilers.

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The season wasted no time in setting up the initial story. Jack had one goal: get into the Hermetic Order Of The Blue Rose. He believes that it’s just some normal secret society but he soon learns that it’s a magical secret society.

However, within the first couple of episodes, he also learns that werewolves are real and even becomes one. He soon finds himself in two different, magical secret societies. He even learns that his father — the one he wants to kill for revenge — is the head of the dark magic secret society.

Okay, so that seems quite normal, right? It’s a standard supernatural show. However, The Order takes us through a number of twists and turns, as we learn more about the two secret societies, watch Jack’s grandpa go crazy for answers and revenge, and find out just how power hungry Jack’s biological father is.

But what was with that ending?

In the end, Jack manages to kill his dad. Sort of. After tricking his dad and causing a spell not to be completed within a specific time frame, his dad is absorbed into a magical book.

It looks like it will be business as semi-normal within The Order. Vera has become the Grand Magus and knowing that Jack is a member of both secret societies, she offers him a choice. He decides he wants to remain with both, feeling like he belongs with both. It’s soon clear that she’s not going to let that happen.

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The witches have a powder that wipes minds. She gets her own witches to wipe out the minds of all four werewolves. This gives her the chance to get all the magical artifacts that have been confiscated by the werewolves over the years and gets the werewolves off The Order’s back. The problem is the werewolves are the Knights of St. Christopher and are supposed to protect the world from The Order.

Not only do the werewolves’ minds (including Jack) get wiped of The Order, but of everything that’s happened recently. Some of them may have been wiped a little too much. At the very end, Jack doesn’t just question who Alyssa is but also who he is. It looks like she’s wiped out everything about him.

That likely means the werewolves don’t even remember that they’re werewolves. Yet, they’ll still be bonded with their hides, so now they run the risk of transforming without control and putting all the students at the school at risk.

Will the werewolves come back together? Considering there are four students suffering from major amnesia and at the risk of transforming — oh, and struggling with the ringing when magic happens — it seems impossible for them not to come back together at some point. We’ll need The Order Season 2 to determine how that happens but I think Lilith should be the key.

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What did you think of the ending to The Order on Netflix? What are your big questions from the season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Order Season 1 is available on Netflix.