The Order renewed for second season by Netflix

The Order -- Acquired via Netflix PR
The Order -- Acquired via Netflix PR /

Whether you’re in the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose or a Knight of St. Christopher, there’s some excellent news. Netflix has renewed The Order for a second season.

There’s some excellent news for fans of Netflix’s latest supernatural Original. The Order has been renewed for a second season just weeks after the first season was released.

This is early for a renewal. Most come two months or so after the seasons airs, so it suggests that Netflix is extremely happy with the amount of people who have streamed the season in full.

The announcement was made with a YouTube video from Netflix, showing a clip from the first season of Jack pouring a potion onto the magical book and bringing up the “Season 2 coming to Netflix” announcement after the minor explosion.

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According to Deadline, production for The Order Season 2 will start in the summer, with a potential release date for sometime in 2020. Most releases are 14 months after the previous seasons but this could be delayed due to the summer production start. We may see the second season sometime in the spring or summer of 2020.

There are certainly plenty of questions for The Order Season 2, so I’m glad it got a renewal. Without giving away spoilers, the whole setup almost has a reset in a way, leading to plenty of the witch and werewolf universe to be explored.

Jake Manley and Sarah Grey are set to reprise their roles for the second season. There’s no word on the others, but they likely will. This is still early days.

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What do you think about the renewal of The Order? What questions do you have for the second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Order Season 1 is now on Netflix in full. Season 2 will start production in summer 2019.