The Other Two: One of the best comedies on television

Photo Credit: Jon Pack/Comedy Central.
Photo Credit: Jon Pack/Comedy Central. /

The Other Two, Comedy Central’s series about two older siblings watching their much younger brother become a celebrity, is one of the best comedies currently on television.

The idea of making the leads of your comedy, The Other Two, the older siblings as they watch their teenage brother become a music sensation is such a specific and strange idea. But it also makes for a comedy of brilliant performances and bizarre situations.

There’s a level of madness to The Other Two, as fame and the desire to succeed becomes so integral to Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke Dubek (Heléne Yorke). It’s not necessarily to overshadow their little brother, but rather to feel even marginally adequate in the large shadow he casts.

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That all sounds heady, but it’s the backdrop for a comedy where insecurity and trying to find yourself are at the heart of what makes it so funny. Whether it’s Brooke trying to act like she isn’t her brother’s assistant while at a music video shoot after seeing someone she used to know; or Cary trying to get in on Instagram photos in order to boost his followers, it’s all at the behest of being successful, to hopefully be noticed.

To do this while also completely deconstructing and tearing down the image of celebrity is such a great combination. The Other Two goes out of its way to make being famous look almost alien and artificial, where it’s all surface and plastic in how it’s displayed. No one is really happy or enjoys what they do in the show’s celebrity world; it’s all about selling yourself and seeing numbers go up.

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Both Tarver and Yorke are wonderful as the leads, bringing great comedic chops and surprising emotion to their roles. One moment, in particular, a parody of a famous scene from a 2017 film, really sells Cary’s devastating realization that seeking fame has left him rejected. It’s one of the best moments of the season and leads to another reason the show is so much fun.

The Other Two isn’t afraid to do strange things. Like the scene mentioned above, or having a Justin Theroux motorcycle actually be a toilet, or Ken Marino bringing a piglet to an album launch party on a plane. It’s such a weird show but always nails the tone while keeping it focused on the characters.

Here is the trailer:

The Other Two is a fantastic comedy that deserves to be sought out. The show has a lot of personality, and is part of a great line-up of shows that Comedy Central has right now. It’s well worth catching up on.

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The Other Two airs Thursdays on Comedy Central. Its finale is tonight, March 28 at 10:30 ET. It has been renewed for a second season.