Barry Season 2, Episode 2 recap: Is Barry evil?

Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO
Bill Hader and Henry Winkler in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO /

Barry continues to ponder his future during a dangerous murder while Fuches meets the LAPD in the second episode of HBO’s Barry Season 2.

Is Barry evil? This is a question that not only proves difficult for Barry, but also the viewer. Barry may have attempted to turn over a new leaf, but the fact remains that he is still a hitman who has killed innocent people.

Does trying to escape a life a crime make up for the years worth of murder While Barry contemplates his future, Sally reveals a shocking story from her past, Gene Cousineau revisits a previous relationship, and Fuches meets the LAPD. Below is the recap for HBO’s Barry Season 2, Episode 2 titled, “The Power of No.”

Barry wants to say no, but knows that can’t happen

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“Am I evil?” Those are the words that Barry asks NoHo Hank in the beginning moments of the episode. Hank emphatically states that he is evil much to Barry’s dismay. As the two discuss the upcoming hit on Esther, Hank tells Barry that Esther seeks asylum in a monastery because the drugs run through there.

Later that night, Barry stealthily creeps into the monastery and reaches Esther’s room. Barry has a clear shot on Esther, but feelings of guilt and doubt creep in as he raises his gun. Particularly, the story of his first kill in Afghanistan dominates Barry’s psyche. Drowning in guilt, Barry lowers his weapon and spares Esther’s life. However, Barry stumbles into a room full of monks with his gun out. As Barry retreats to his car, the monks follow Barry and shoot at him as he drives off, forcing him to crash, abandon his car, and limp away from the scene.

Earlier that day, Gene shares with the class that their next show will center around each actor’s personal moment that shaped the outcome of their lives. Gene wants Barry to tell his Afghanistan story again because Barry is in his most vulnerable and honest state while speaking about the war. However, Barry avoids discussing his time in the war like it’s the plague so he decides to perform the moment when Barry met Gene, which truly was a life-changing moment for Barry. However, Gene later changes his mind and forces Barry to revisit the Afghanistan story.

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Sally sadly brings up her past

Despite wanting to believe that she is an accomplished actor, Sally is delusional. She is nothing more than an extra and background role. One of her agents, Jessica, tells Sally to continue taking on these small, but unfulfilling roles because it will bring her credibility in the entertainment world.

At Gene’s class, Sally selfishly rants about her misgivings with her agents, but Gene uses this to practice reverse psychology. Sally has not been honest with herself, which is why Gene believes she has not reached her true potential as an actor. Sally finally opens up and reveals that the defining moment in her life was when she decided to escape her abusive marriage and move to LA to become an actor. It’s ironic that Sally left a violent man and now dates Barry, who kills for a living.

Bill Hader in Barry / Photo credit: HBO
Bill Hader in Barry / Photo credit: HBO /

Gene Cousineau visits his son

While the class is contemplating their life-changing moments, Gene visits his son, Leo, who sells organic fruits and vegetables at an outdoor market. Because of his grief over losing Janice, Gene wants to repair the fractured relationship with his son. However, Leo wants nothing to do with his father because Gene left him for his acting career.

Gene was too wrapped up in his own ego that he forgot to do his most important job in his career, which was to be a father to Leo. Because of this awkward encounter, Gene forces Barry to tell the story from Afghanistan for the upcoming show.

Fuches meets Detective Loach

As Fuches leaves custody in Cleveland, he is greeted by Detective Loach, who wants to have a chat with him about his missing tooth they found in Goran’s garage. Loach tells Fuches about the missing tooth and asks Fuches if he knows Barry Berkman. Loach then threatens Fuches and says if he finds that Fuches has any connection to Barry, Fuches will go to prison.

At the end of the episode, an injured Barry is met by Fuches outside his apartment. Fuches tries to empathize with Barry and asks him if he killed a cop. Barry curses at Fuches and remains silent about Detective Moss’ appearance.

As Barry walks away, it is revealed that Fuches is working for Loach in order to avoid prison. Expect Fuches to meet with Barry again in the near future to force a confession.

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