Blue Bloods renewed by CBS: What about MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0

Photo Credit: Blue Bloods/CBS, Craig Blankenhorn Image Acquired from CBS Press Express
Photo Credit: Blue Bloods/CBS, Craig Blankenhorn Image Acquired from CBS Press Express /

If you’re a fan of CBS’ Friday night lineup, there’s some excellent news. The best-rated show of the night is sticking around. Blue Bloods has been renewed, but what about fellow Friday night shows MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0.

Fans of CBS Fridays have some good news. Blue Bloods has officially been renewed for a 10th season. Tom Selleck is sticking around, because the show just wouldn’t be the same without him. What about the other two Friday night shows? What’s in store for MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0?

Before we get into the other two shows, let’s just focus on the brilliant news. Blue Bloods is the network’s best-rated show on a Friday night, despite being the last show of the evening — usually, ratings go down throughout the night. While there was a drop from the previous season, it wasn’t one to worry about.

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In fact, it’s remained CBS’ fifth-best show in terms of total audience and 15th best in terms of demo. That’s excellent for a Friday night lineup — this isn’t a death slot show.

Chances are that the series will keep its timeslot that’s proven to be so good for it. We’ll get full confirmation of the lineup in May, but it will definitely be part of the fall lineup and the renewal means it will air its 200th episode during the season.

Tom Selleck is returning for the season, after signing a new contract for one year. At this stage, signing one-year contracts is standard for many actors, especially stars of Selleck’s brightness. The rest of the cast is expected to return, but everyone is in various stages of contract negotiations, according to Deadline.

So, what about the other two Friday night shows? CBS is yet to confirm a fate for MacGyver and Hawaii Five-0. Considering the ratings for Hawaii Five-0 are similar to the Blue Bloods ratings, especially in terms of demo, there’s a high chance the series will also be renewed for a 10th season.

The more concerning series is MacGyver, which remains to be the worst-performing show on a Friday night. It’s also struggling when looking at all CBS shows, sitting in the bottom five in terms of demo. A saving grace may be that it is 14th in total audience across all shows, but the demo being so low and the loss of George Eads earlier this season will certainly play a part in the decisions.

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Are you excited to hear about Blue Bloods being renewed? Would you like to see Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver renewed? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods currently air 8-11 p.m. on Fridays on CBS.