Happy! Season 2: Five WTF moments from Episode 4

HAPPY! -- "Blitzkrieg!!!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Patton Oswald as Happy! -- (Photo by: SYFY)
HAPPY! -- "Blitzkrieg!!!" Episode 204 -- Pictured: Patton Oswald as Happy! -- (Photo by: SYFY) /
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HAPPY! — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY)
HAPPY! — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY) /

This week on Happy!, Nick Sax fights some Nazis and has an unexpected faceoff with a jelly monster. Here are the five WTF moments from this week’s episode.

On the last episode of Happy!, things got unusually whimsical and musical as an old friend summoned him to break into someone’s house. Once arriving there, the episode gave us our first cameo of the season with Ann-Margaret playing Sonny Shine’s wife. Long story short, Ann did a musical number and Christopher Meloni killed some bad guys to the snappy tune of “Put On a Happy Face.”

After doing the job, Nick finds a video that has “Not Safe for Work” content. However, at the end of the tape is a glimpse of an old friend of Sonny Shine’s named Dayglo Doug–and for some reason, he was doing a Nazi salute in the footage.

This week all that is explained as Nick and Meredith track down Dayglo Doug who is living in a retirement home for Nazis. Also, there are demons, aliens, and weird jelly toilet monsters in the episode. Basically, just another day in the wild and absurd universe of Happy!

Here are the five WTF moments from Happy! Season 2, Episode 4!

HAPPY! -(Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY) /

1. Smoothie keeps getting weirder with Hailey

In the last episode, Smoothie stopped Hailey from being beaten up by a girl from school. Here, he keeps getting stranger with how he wants to become friends with her. In the episode, he stops another girl from picking on her and requests to chat with her on a park bench.

During the conversation, two things are sticking out. The first being that Smoothe is trying to convince Hailey that he is on her side to help her. The second is that he is attempting to convince the girl that her parents don’t care for her.

What’s his motivation for doing this? It’s hard to say, but given his torturous background, it has to be to punish Nick Sax in some way. Either way, it’s extremely creepy.

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2. Amanda is slipping

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Nick’s ex-wife Amanda keeps spiraling down the rabbit hole this week as she continues to battle her PTSD from the events last season. Her relationship with her new fling Simon is about as strange as it gets with unclear intentions whether he’s a mentor or someone to make her feel numb to her emotions.

For example, at one point, he is giving her career advice about freeing herself and how being fired is not a bad thing. And then moments after, both of them having a ferocious coital session in the public restroom. Whatever is happening there, it does not seem healthy.

Furthermore, her headspace is making things more distant between her and Hailey, which given Smoothie’s actions in this episode unfortunate timing. Not to mention, Hailey finds out that her mom lies to her about going to work every day.

HAPPY! — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/SYFY) /

3. No Nazis welcomed

Around the start of the episode, we discover the history of the odd character Dayglo Doug and what we find out is that Sonny Shine stole his program with the assistance of weird Teletubby type aliens called “The Wishees.” Nick and Meredith track him down to a geriatric center to get the full backstory. While talking to him, Nick becomes annoyed because he does not buy into the existence of aliens.

Storming away, he begins looking around for food but he begins noticing peculiarities about the nursing home. Everyone there is a Nazi. After discovering this, Nick returns to Meredith and Doug so they can leave the place but before they can, all the old people and employees (all Nazis) surround them. Nick gets an excited look on his face and begins violently killing every one of them.

Clearly, he has wanted to punch a Nazi his whole life. That said, the scene is extremely over-the-top in the violence with moments such as Nick punching his entire arm through a person and holding their heart. After the Nazi bloodshed, they escape leaving no one left alive in the Nazi retirement home.