Bob’s Burgers: Eggs For Days remains as fresh as ever


Bob’s Burgers has a knack for producing awesome holiday episodes but only produced one Easter episode. It’s time to look back at how eggcellent it was.

In 2017, Bob’s Burgers gave us arguably one of their best holiday episodes. Sadly, they’ve only produced one for this particular holiday. Easter isn’t usually considered one of the major holidays anymore. That’s more than likely the reason why the Belchers have only celebrated it once but “Eggs For Days” is still one of their best holiday episodes.

In honor of Easter being celebrated today, it’s time to look back on “Eggs for Days” and why it was such a great episode. Fingers crossed that your Easter is better than the Belchers. If you haven’t watched “Eggs For Days,” there will be some slight spoilers so proceed with caution!

There are so many cool elements to “Eggs For Days,” but as previously mentioned, it was the show’s first and only Easter episode. While they’ve celebrated most of the major holidays, the series kept away from some of the “less popular” holidays. If anything, “Eggs For Days” proved that the Belchers make a holiday exciting. Hopefully, they decide to produce more Easter episodes in the future.

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Looking at the plotline, it’s something only Bob and Linda could get into. Every year, the two hide eggs for the kids to find. While they do hide eggs, they end up getting drunk on Jelly Bean flavor schnapps. The following day, the Belchers go on a hunt to find the egg that’s turned rotten because Bob and Linda forgot all their hiding places. Talk about a terrible yet hilarious way to spend Easter.

There are a lot of factors that make this episode memorable. First, who the heck thought of creating Jelly Bean schnapps? It’s an odd flavor but one that I’ve been intrigued about ever since. Sadly, it doesn’t exist but probably could be recreated. As quick as those two got drunk though, it probably wouldn’t be worth it.

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While the episode isn’t entirely realistic, it does have elements that both kids and parents can appreciate. For kids, they’ll relate to Tina, Gene, and Louise who have to find all the eggs before opening their basket. For a lot of kids, that’s the case or they hunt for eggs to find what the Easter bunny left them. For the parents, Bob and Linda are the perfect examples of how stressful yet fun planning an Easter Egg hunt can be.

What makes the episode so hilarious is that the kids admit they don’t even like doing an Easter Egg hunt. They pretend to like it because they think their parents do. Usually, it’s the other way around so it’s a refreshing change of pace. As per usual, this holiday episode was unique but still had that Bob’s Burgers charm to it.

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Even two years later, “Eggs For Days” is still as fresh. The Belchers might not celebrate Easter each year, but it makes for a good rewatch. Considering the show is returning next week, we won’t have to wait much longer for new episodes. Until then, be sure to have a few shots for Bob and Linda!

Bob’s Burgers airs Sundays on Fox at 8:30/7:30c.