Barry Season 2, Episode 4 recap: What?!

Bill Hader in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO
Bill Hader in Barry / Photo Credit: HBO /

Barry finally opens up about the war, but his violent nature is put to the test with the return of Sally’s ex-husband in the latest episode of HBO’s Barry!

Can people change? In the latest episode of HBO’s Barry, this question of change was put to the test. Barry doesn’t want to be a killer, Gene wants to be a better father, Sally wants to stand up to Sam, and Fuches wants to protect Barry.

At the end of episode 3, Sally’s ex-husband, Sam, confronted Sally outside of her acting class. It’s clear that Sally was uncomfortable and so was Barry, who wanted to act on his violent nature. Could Barry hold in his anger? Here’s the latest recap for the HBO series, Season 2, Episode 4 titled, “What?!”

Sam is confronted

The episode opens up with a dinner scene between Barry, Sally, and Sam. Up until this point, Sally has described Sam as a violent, drunk person who abused her. However, Sam is far from that at dinner. Sam is polite and encouraging to Sally, who returns the politeness. This comes much to the dismay of Barry, who can’t stand to be in the same room as Sally’s ex.

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The next day, Barry confronts Sally about the dinner and why she was so nice to Sam, which leads to Sally’s emotional breakdown. Sally explains how she never stood up to Sam and the scene she created was not true. That being said, Barry comforts her and tells her to tell her story even if it’s not true. This advice is similar to his own beliefs, which is to never reveal too much of the truth.

When Sally is practicing her scene, Barry notices Sam listening in the background. He confronts Sam in the parking lot and asks him to never come back. Sam scoffs at Barry’s threat and makes a shrewd comment about his sexual history with Sally before driving away. This sets Barry off into a rage, leading him to retrieve his gun from home and drive to Sam’s hotel room.

That night, Sam asks Sally for a meeting in his hotel room. Although the meeting starts out friendly and sympathetic, Sam turns the switch and becomes aggressive and manipulative. Since Sam has a family, he does not want Sally to use his name in the scene for fear of backlash. When Sally initially refuses, Sam scolds her and calls her a liar, revealing his abusive nature once again. As Sally opens the door to leave, Barry is hidden outside the room with a gun. Barry has a clean shot at Sam, but he chooses not to take it.

Barry opens up to Gene

Needing someone to calm him down, Barry tries to speak with Fuches, but Fuches tells Barry to never call him again in order to protect him from Detective Loach. So, Barry drives to Mr. Cousineau’s house to chat. On the verge of tears, Barry finally opens up to Gene about the war. Barry reveals that in a Korangal after Albert was shot, Barry snapped and mistakenly killed an innocent civilian.

This led to his discharge from the army. Shocked, Gene demands that Barry never tell this story to the class because they could not handle this harsh reality. However, Gene levels with Barry and urges him that people can change. Gene explains to Barry that despite being a bad father, Gene is trying to reconcile with his son and after bringing him strawberries, Gene’s son, Leo, wants to have a relationship with his father. This heartwarming story gives Barry a new outlook on change and a new lease on life.

Fuches attempts to warn Barry, but it’s too late

Elated and ecstatic, Barry heads to Fuches hotel room to tell him about his conversation with Gene. Although Fuches tries to cut him off, Barry is so happy that he can’t stop talking. Barry exclaims that he can let go of his past and not hold onto his burdens anymore like killing Detective Moss.

However, Detective Loach comes into the room and corners Barry after recording his confession. Loach claims that Barry will pay for his sins because of the heartbreak it has caused. Although we assume this speech is about Moss, Loach reveals it’s about the man who ruined his marriage, Ronnie Brockson. Surprisingly, Loach gives Barry a proposition. If Barry kills Ronnie, Loach will let go of the Moss investigation and it will all go away.

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