Last Man Standing hits 150 episodes: Why it’s such a remarkable feat

LAST MAN STANDING: 150'th Episode: L-R: Nancy Travis, Molly McCook, Tim Allen and Krista Marie Yu in the “Yass Queen” episode of LAST MAN STANDING airing Friday, April 19 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: Michael Becker/FOX.
LAST MAN STANDING: 150'th Episode: L-R: Nancy Travis, Molly McCook, Tim Allen and Krista Marie Yu in the “Yass Queen” episode of LAST MAN STANDING airing Friday, April 19 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2019 Fox Media LLC Cr: Michael Becker/FOX. /

On Friday, April 19, Last Man Standing aired its 150th episode. Congratulations to everyone on the show. Here’s why it’s such a remarkable feat.

Congratulations, Last Man Standing! Season 7, Episode 20 was the 150th episode of the series. It is an impressive feat, and there will be at least one more season of Last Man Standing thanks to FOX renewing Last Man Standing for its eighth season.

As its seventh season nears its end, it is remarkable to think 150 episodes of Last Man Standing have aired. ABC canceled the show after six seasons and 130 episodes. Amidst the controversy, the fans rose above it all to petition networks to bring Last Man Standing. The fans successful campaign paid off when FOX revived the series, and now Last Man Standing has aired its 150th episode.

Because of the significance of the 150th episode, Last Man Standing itself and the actors hyped the episode with memories of the show and flashbacks in general. The day of the 150th episode, people could watch the first episode on the show’s Twitter account. Series star Tim Allen tweeted his excitement about the 150th episode with this nod to his former hit sitcom Home Improvement.

Admittedly, I thought the 150th episode was underwhelming given its hype. Yes, the episode was funny, but it paled in comparison to the 50th and 100th episodes. Yet as I thought about all three episodes, I found something unique about all three. They are milestones for Kyle and Mandy.

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Season 3, Episode 8 was the 50th episode of Last Man Standing. “Vanessa Fixes Kyle” aired on November 15, 2013. In the episode, Kyle (Christoph Sanders) struggled to find his role within Outdoor Man.

After Vanessa (Nancy Travis) convinced Ed (Hector Elizondo) to make Kyle a boat salesman, Mike (Tim Allen) deduced Kyle wasn’t a natural salesman. Additionally, Kyle disliked his job as a salesman. After listening to Kyle, Mike realized Kyle fit best as a sales floor coordinator, although Ed continually kept asking, “What’s happening?”

For Kyle, this was a growth moment. Instead of being treated as the gopher, he earned his new title. Rather than simply disregard what Kyle said, Mike listened, and he gave Kyle some well-deserved respect.

Flash forward to Season 5, Episode 14, and “The Ring” brought us a hilariously eventful 100th episode.

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After Mike saw Kyle holding a ring, he presumed Kyle was going to propose to Mandy. Mike informed Vanessa, who in turn spoiled the news to Mandy. The only downside? The ring was actually Ed’s. Kyle was simply holding it for him.

So when Kyle didn’t propose, Mandy was disappointed. Mike and Kyle talked, and by the end of the episode, Kyle sweetly proposed to Mandy. On Jan. 29, 2016, Kyle Anderson and Mandy Baxter got engaged.

Obviously, an engagement is an unforgettable moment in one’s life. After happily dating, Kyle and Mandy became engaged, we as an audience delighted in their love, and we all laughed at the nonstop hysterically funny miscommunication.

In the latest Last Man Standing episode, Mandy (Molly McCook) needed money to fund more of her fashion designs. Mike denied her request for the money outright. He instead offered her a proposition. If she redesigned some Outdoor Man clothing and it sold, she would keep a percentage of the profits, thereby earning money for her business.

A hundred episodes after Mike helped Kyle find a satisfactory role at Outdoor Man, he helped Mandy find a way to fund her own business. Ironically, both Kyle and Mandy now rely on Outdoor Man, the company Mike co-founded, for income.

With its renewal, Last Man Standing is a veteran sitcom. The Big Bang Theory is ending this May, and ABC renewed Modern Family for its final season. If Last Man Standing achieves a ninth season, FOX will be the home to arguably the most veteran sitcom.

Fans and the actors alike were ecstatic about the Season 8 renewal. Nancy Travis tweeted her excitement, thanked the fans, and included a pun, a love of Vanessa’s.

So many people deserve rounds of applause for the accomplishments of Last Man Standing. Thank you FOX for bringing back Last Man Standing. It certainly has benefitted the network. The cast and crew create heartwarming comedic episodes which have the fans clamoring for more. The fans tune in to watch the new episodes, and the fans enjoy re-watching previous episodes.

Congratulations, Last Man Standing for 150 episodes. Each episode offers something for people of all ages. What is the future prognosis for the show? There are two episodes remaining this season, and then most likely 22-24 episodes in Season 8. Beyond that, only time will tell. Nevertheless, well done Last Man Standing, well done.

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Last Man Standing airs Fridays at 8/7c on FOX.