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Vladimir courtesy of HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site.
Vladimir courtesy of HBO. Acquired via HBO Media Relations site. /

Tonight’s Game of Thrones is the moment we have all been long waiting for. You don’t want to miss Season 8, Episode 3 and we’re here to make sure you catch every minute!

Spoilers ahead! Turn away now and return once you’re up to speed.

What’s in store for tonight’s all-new episode of Game of Thrones? Death. And probably lots of it. After nearly two years, the final season of the HBO series has arrived. Two episodes in and there has yet to be a name character death, this can only mean one thing: Heartbreak is coming.

Are you ready for it? We are not! But ready or not, the battle is here. Season 8, Episode 3 is the longest episode of Game of Thrones, running a total of 82 minutes. There is another episode that will follow with a run-time of 80 minutes, but even if it’s by only two minutes, Episode 3 is sure to be quite the event.

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The season skipped action and has instead been building up a lot of plots and characters. Fans mostly fear for Brienne, a character who was the main focus last week in Episode 2. Last week’s episode was fun and heartwarming, which has caused us all to put our guards up and brace ourselves to say goodbye to characters we’ve been following for a few seasons.

PSA: This Sunday’s Game Of Thrones Episode Is Over 80 Minutes Long

Needless to say, we are beyond ready for tonight’s all-new episode! So how can you be sure not to miss a minute of Season 8, Episode 2? We’ve got all you need to know, below!

Unfortunately, there’s no synopsis for tonight’s episode or even an episode title. Is Game of Thrones the first series to reveal episode titles after they are? So secretive!

What are you most looking forward to tonight? Is there anyone on your list for characters you absolutely do not want to see die? How about a list of characters you don’t mind sacrificing? Share with us in the comments!

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Now for the details! How can you watch tonight’s Season 8 premiere? Here is everything you need to know:

Date: Sunday, April 28
Start Time: 8 p.m. Central
Episode: Season 8, Episode 3
Network: HBO
Where to watch: Live on HBO or HBO Now | Hulu‘s HBO extension package

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Both HBO Now and Hulu’s extension plan offer a free trial — you’ve got nothing to lose! Trust us, Game of Thrones is well-worth it!