Barry Season 2, Episode 5 recap: Ronny/lily

Bill Hader in Barry Season 2, Episode 5, "ronny/lily." / Photo Credit: HBO
Bill Hader in Barry Season 2, Episode 5, "ronny/lily." / Photo Credit: HBO /

Barry attempts to kill Ronny Proxin for Detective Loach in an insane episode of HBO’s Barry Season 2.

Without a doubt, last night’s episode of HBO’s Barry Season 2was its weirdest episode to date. In fact, it will most likely go down as one of the most polarizing episodes of the series so far. Bill Hader continues to test his creative limits in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Usually, the show begins with a cold open that goes into the title card and theme music. However, this episode started with a title card, no music, and no cold open. The show begins with a complete stranger entering his house, who we eventually learn is Ronny Proxin. Here’s the recap for Season 2, Episode 5, “ronny/lily.”

Barry meets Ronny Proxin and chaos ensues

The stranger that we meet to open the show is Ronny Proxin, the new boyfriend of Detective Loach’s ex-wife. Barry confronts Ronny in the bedroom and says that Detective Loach sent him to kill him. However, he does not want to kill anymore so he tells Ronny to drive to Chicago and stay there for at least a year. Stoned and calm, Ronny listens to Barry and begins to pack a suitcase.

As Ronny walks to his closet, we see that his room is covered from head to toe in Taekwondo medals and trophies. As Barry tries to make small talk, Ronny delivers a devastating kick and a fight ensues. As Barry and Ronny deliver devastating blow after devasting blow, Barry finally gets the upper hand when he punches Ronny’s trachea, forcing Ronny to lose his breath and collapse as he’s presumed dead.

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Barry might have defeated one enemy, but the fight was just getting started. As Barry attempts to leave the house, he is met by Ronny’s daughter, Lily, who may very well be an alien. Lily is a highly trained martial artist who attacks like a hybrid between a rabid dog and gargoyle. Lily severely wounds Barry when he stabs her in the back. Before Barry can retaliate, Lily escapes the house.

Wounded and covered in blood, Barry meets up with Fuches in the car. Barry wants to go to a hospital, but Fuches orders Barry to find Lily and kill her. As Barry passes in and out of consciousness, we see a dream sequence in a desert of soldiers returning to their loved ones. Barry’s loved one is Fuches, who represents Barry’s devil since he has complete control over Barry.

Eventually, Barry and Fuches find Lily, who climbed a tree like a cat and leaped to the roof of a house. While in the car, Lily jumps on top of the vehicle and eventually climbs into the backseat. Fuches asks Barry to shoot her, but Barry says he will not kill a child. Then, Lily bites off a chunk of Fuches face and now both Barry and Fuches are covered in blood.

Because of their injuries, Barry and Fuches drive to a local grocery store to pick up supplies for their wounds. When Barry enters the store and begins to shop, he is greeted by Ronny, who didn’t die after all. Ronny and Barry brawl all over the front of the store. When Ronny gets the upper hand and stands over Barry, he is shot in the face by Detective Loach.

As Loach approaches Barry, Ronny stands up and roundhouse kicks Loach in the face and kills him. Ronny is then shot and killed by the cops who arrive on the scene. As this happens, Barry escapes through the back of the grocery store. As he approaches Fuches car, Barry hesitates to enter, knowing that Fuches continues to be the root of all evil and the source of his problems.

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