Shadowhunters: 13 Clace moments that made us swoon

Photo credit: Bruno Calvo / Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site
Photo credit: Bruno Calvo / Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site /

The time has come to say goodbye to Shadowhunters for good. With the final episodes airing this week, let’s take a look at 13 of the top Clace moments the show has given us.

The time has come, Shadowfam, to say goodbye to our beloved show. Shadowhunters will be airing its final episodes this Monday, and in preparation for what is described by cast members as a bittersweet ending let’s look back at some of the sweet Clace moments we’ve had in the past three seasons.

The first meeting

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Jace and Clary first bump into each other outside of club Pandemonium. Quite a meet-cute. Jace is instantly intrigued by Clary and surprised that she can see through his glamour. Clary is intrigued by him as well and flirting ensues. Needless to say, the rest is history.

The first kiss

After Clary dispatches a demon that looks like Jace, she rushes back to Jace and tells him what happened. Jace, of course, wants to know how she knew it wasn’t him, and after a little banter about how Clary does actually listen to him sometimes she takes her chance and kisses him. And what a kiss it was!

The Seelie Court kiss

When Jace and Simon are trapped in the Seelie Court, the Seelie Queen tests Clary by making her kiss the one she truly desires. She was supposed to be with Simon at the time, so naturally, she goes to kiss Simon. But that kiss doesn’t work. The kiss she truly desires is, of course, Jace, and when they kiss it’s a swoon-worthy moment straight out of the books.

The first date

Jace feels bad for never taking Clary anywhere nice, so he plans a mundane dinner date for them. And while the dinner doesn’t go so well, since it’s crashed by Simon and Maia, the walk after more than makes up for it. Jace finally opens up to Clary about how he’s never felt like this about anyone and he’s scared of ruining it. He then proceeds to list off all the things that make Clary special. It’s very sweet to see the usually confident Jace so nervous now that he’s finally found a girl he loves.

Activating their runes

When Clary and Jace need to track down her brother Jonathan, Clary decides to try to use the angelic connection between her and Jace to do it. It involves Jace’s newly discovered power to activate runes without a Stele and shirtless cuddling and pretty lighting. It was a beautifully shot scene filled with romantic tension.

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Clary brings Jace back

After Jace is killed during their battle with Valentine, Clary is able to summon one wish from the angel Raziel. With the ability to ask for anything in the world, she asks for Jace. When he comes to, Jace is astounded that she would ask for him but she tells him that she doesn’t want anything else. It’s one of the most poignant moments from the books and I was thrilled to see it come to life on the show.

Jace heals Clary from Lake Lyn

The waters of Lake Lyn can be poisonous to Shadowhunters, and after Clary ingests some she begins having hallucinations. Thankfully, Jace is able to get a hold of her, and seeing her in such a state activates his healing rune which then goes on to heal Clary. It’s a testament to the strength of his feelings for Clary, and the relief they both feel at seeing the other is okay is palpable.

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Jace swears on “us”

When Clary is feeling down about everything that’s happening Jace swears on the Angel that they’ll figure it out and fix it. But then he amends his statement to say that he swears on “us”. When Clary asks him why, he simply says there isn’t anything he believes in more. It’s another moment book fans will recognize and it shows the depth of his love for Clary and how strongly he believes in their love.

Jace tells Clary he’ll love her until he dies

In yet another moment taken from the books, Jace and Clary share a quiet moment together where they finally get to say I love you. But Jace says so much more than just a plain I love you. He says he loves Clary and he’ll love her until he dies, and if there’s a life after this, he’ll love her then too. As far as love declarations go, it’s pretty sweet and romantic and leads to the two finally spending their first night together.

Clace go ice skating

Jace proves he’s one of the most thoughtful boyfriends out there and plans a fun ice skating date for him and Clary. Even though he can’t ice skate, he does it because he was inspired after seeing a picture of a younger Clary ice skating and seeing how happy she was then. All he wants to do is bring some of that happiness back to her, even if he has to look ridiculous in the process. Unfortunately Jonathan ends up crashing the date, but until that point it was absolutely adorable.

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Photo credit: Bruno Calvo / Freeform, acquired from Freeform Press Site /

Clace kiss in Paris

After Clary is kidnapped by her demonic brother Jonathan, Jace will stop at nothing to get her back. When he finally catches up with them the Morgenstern siblings are in Paris. Once she sees Jace, Clary takes the chance to stab herself (and therefore also her brother) in the leg and make a run for it straight into Jace’s arms. Their reunion kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower was stunning and heartwarming. Paris truly is the city of love.

Jace pulls Clary back

Despite suffering from the rune binding her to her demonic brother, there is one thing that can pull Clary back. And that’s Jace. Clary realizes that every time she has been snapped out of the effects of the rune, it has been because of Jace. He pulls her back from the edge each time she needs him and he vows to never leave her side.

Love confession in Idris

After Jonathan unleashes a demon attack on Idris, a heartbroken Jace once again confesses his love to Clary. And Clary, finally back in her right mind, echoes Jace’s own words and tells him that she will love him until she dies and after that. The love confession is followed by a kiss and forehead touching and it’s almost enough to make us forget the imminent demon attack.

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Did your favorite Clace moments make it onto the list? If not, what are some of your favorite sweet Shadowhunters moments? Let us know!

Shadowhunters will air its final episodes this Monday, May 6 at 8 p.m. PST on Freeform in the US and on Netflix internationally.