Now Streaming: The Wandering Earth crash lands onto Netflix

The Wandering Earth on Netflix via Media Center
The Wandering Earth on Netflix via Media Center /

After breaking numerous records at the lucrative Chinese box office, the science-fiction space epic, The Wandering Earth, finally finds an American home on Netflix, now available to stream in the comfort of your home.

Netflix is the unchallenged king of streaming (at least until Disney+ squares up in the future), which allows for the giant to have a lucrative advantage in acquiring expensive and highly sought-after properties to stream.

The streaming giant has been home to many MCU films, along with Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black, GLOW, and countless other popular titles. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Netflix would capitalize on the prosperous Chinese box office by acquiring the American rights to the Chinese space epic, The Wandering Earth.

Directed by Frank Gwo, The Wandering Earth made huge waves in the industry by grossing over $690 million in China alone, catapulting itself to becoming the highest grossing film of all time in China and the third-highest grossing film worldwide in 2019, only behind Captain Marvel and and Avengers: Endgame. Though American audiences have only had limited teasers of the film, China has fully embraced it as THE definitive blockbuster of 2019.

The Wandering Earth
The Wandering Earth on Netflix via Media Center /

The Wandering Earth, as many space epics tend to explore, delves into a world that is in crisis after it is confirmed that the Earth will be colliding with Jupiter very soon, leaving only an ambitious group of astronauts to try to save the world from annihilation. Also, the sun is expanding, so the Earth can’t exactly stay still for very long, leading into a space adventure that has been dubbed as “China’s first full-scale interstellar spectacular” by The Hollywood Reporter.

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This is a huge inclusion for Netflix, now being the home to one of China’s most popular and beloved films, but it also has a good chance at getting overshadowed by the sheer density of films being released at this time. Endgame is still going strong, Detective Pikachu is set to open this weekend, and John Wick 3 and Godzilla: King of the Monsters are set to end May on a hopefully strong note. The Wandering Earth will obviously have a lot of competition to power through.

Despite the density of choices, The Wandering Earth is an epic that American audiences should give a chance now that it is readily available to watch on such a massive and mainstream platform. China’s film industry easily rivals and in many ways surpasses the American film industry thanks to their healthy selection of must-see films playing on a constant basis. American movies are embraced in China, so the least we could do is give one of their home-grown films a chance at receiving a warm welcome.

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The Wandering Earth is available to stream on Netflix right now! Have you seen it? Did you see any promotion for the film? Sound off below!