8 burning questions we have for Season 2 of The Society

THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /
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The Society on Netflix
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

If you’ve finished watching season one of The Society on Netflix then you’ve probably got tons of questions for Season 2. Here’s a few of ours.

I finished watching The Society a few hours ago and my head has been buzzing with questions ever since. It’s a series I’ll definitely have to go back and rewatch to see what little clues and hints I may have missed along the way.

We did get one nice gift from the show’s creator, Christopher Keyser. He gave a pretty in-depth interview with TV Guide that addresses several of the questions you’ll find below. He doesn’t give away many answers (that would ruin the fun, right?) but he does hint at some things to come in a potential second season.

If you haven’t finished season one of The Society, turn back now! The following article contains major spoilers for all ten episodes.

8. Who is the father of Becca’s baby?

I’m not sure if this is a question on everyone’s mind but it’s been on mine. Becca refuses to talk about the father of her child. She has asked Sam multiple times not to ask the question and if anyone else mentions it she is quick to shut them down. What does that mean? Was it really just a one night stand she wants to forget about it? Or is there a more sinister reason such as rape?

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I’m not sure if The Society will ever answer this question but it seems strange that they would write Becca having such a strong reaction for no reason. If it was simply a random guy it would be easy for her to say that and then not bring it up again, instead, she is very vigilant about not wanting to be asked about him.

7. How was Kelly and Harry’s parents’ affair relevant?

Early on in the show we discover that Harry’s widowed mother has been sleeping with Kelly’s still-married father. It’s a pretty devastating discovery for both characters, but especially Kelly, whose parents are still alive and together. However, I had to wonder if the items they found were real or planted.

Based on the texts Kelly reads, her dad and Harry’s mom were entangled with the mysterious Pfeiffer. How can we be sure her lipstick tube or the condoms weren’t plants, since this town is an artificial replica of the real place? If not, then how is this affair relevant to the main plot? Or was it just added as drama for the kids?

6. What did the writing on the wall have to do with anything?

Grizz sees the phrase “Menemene tekel upharsin” spray-painted on the wall of their school in the first episode. In Hebrew, the phrase translates to “you have been weighed by the scales and found wanting.” This comes back around in the season finale by Allie.

She mentions the phrase to Will and they begin to hypothesize that the sentiment was meant as a warning to their parents. Is this true though? And if so, then who wrote it and for what are their parents being punished for?

5. What was the strange smell?

There is a weird smell that plagues the town of West Ham. No one knows what causes it or how to get rid of it. For a while it seemed to go away but then it returned. We never find out what the smell was, only that “New Ham” doesn’t have it. It seems to be implied that the adults of West Ham needed to pay $1.5 million dollars to this man, Pfeiffer, to have the smell removed, but they refused to and therefore were punished by having their kids stolen away.

But that doesn’t seem like the extent of the mystery. I mean all of this, kidnapping all these kids and putting them in a potentially parallel dimension just because you didn’t get money? I think there is more to it than that.