Barry Season 2, Episode 7 recap: The audition

Anthony Carrigan in Barry, "The Audition." / Photo Credit: HBO
Anthony Carrigan in Barry, "The Audition." / Photo Credit: HBO /

Barry prepares for an audition while Sally takes her scene to the next level in the latest episode of HBO’s Barry Season 2.

Throughout HBO’s Barry Season 2, the show has delicately balanced the mix of both comedic and dramatic elements. That being said, the overall tone of the season has been significantly darker than Season 1. Tonight’s episode was no different as the final minutes were as chilling and grim as any scene in the show.

In the season’s penultimate episode, Barry receives an audition with a major director while Sally’s risk pays off in the long run. Here’s the recap for Barry Season 2, Episode 7 titled, “The Audition.”

Receiving an audition

So far, despite his inability to escape his past life, Barry is what you would call a lucky person. He hasn’t been caught for his crimes, he has a girlfriend, and in this episode, he received an audition. While waiting for Sally in her pitch meeting, Barry is approached by Michael in the waiting room.

Since Barry has a relaxed personality and most importantly, a tall height, Michael sets Barry up with an audition in front of casting director Allison Jones and the famous director Jay Roach. Sally and Gene have been working for years to read in front of a casting director and Barry stumbled into a meeting with a Hollywood director. His luck seems to be present once again.

Before his audition, Barry receives a phone call from Gene. Gene, who was supposed to join Barry in the audition as his scene partner, informs Barry that he can’t make the audition because he’s going up to his cabin with a private detective named “Kenneth Goulet,” who may have information on Janice’s death. The look on Barry’s face says it all once he hears the voice on the other end. He knows it Fuches. Barry somewhat impresses Jay Roach during the audition despite leaving early and frantically races to the cabin.

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Despite Barry’s pleas, Fuches brings Gene to the cabin. While inside, Gene shares how he’s molded Barry into an actor and how he’s been like a father to him, which visibly upsets Fuches. It’s in this moment where Fuches snaps. Fuches escorts Gene into the woods until they are in front of Detective Moss’s car. Although Fuches says he’s going to call the police, he actually pretends to be Gene and confesses to the murder of Detective Moss as Gene.

Fuches then opens the trunk where we see the legs of Detective Moss. As Gene freezes up at the sight of Janice, Fuches points a gun at Gene’s head as the episode ends.

Sally’s big break is not what she planned

After her emotional scene, Sally lands an interview with television producer Aaron Ryan, who is interested in casting Sally as one of his leads. Sally believes the role will revolve around her personal story of abuse, but it turns out Aaron wants to make the show about wives who kill their abusive husbands called, “Payback Ladies.” It’s offensive and a dishonest way of cashing in on Sally’s personal story. Sally turns the lead role down.

Later that night, while helping Barry run lines for his scene, Sally explodes into a full-blown rant about her life and the entertainment industry. Sally believes her story needs to be told in an authentic, honest way in order to give it the respect it deserves. Sally also expressed her jealousy towards Barry, who received an audition after one good scene while Sally has been grinding away for years without anything to show for it.

Despite disappointing the agency, Lindsay, Sally’s agent, is touched by Sally’s story and decides to give her a shot at performing her scene the way she wants to perform it in front of industry executives. Sally even manages to convince Lindsay to let the entire class take part in the show, which will be held at a larger theater tomorrow night.

NoHo Hank loses his army

After being captured by Cristobal and Esther, Hank and his men are brought to the desert to be executed. While they wait on a bus for their sentencing, Hank has an epiphany. Hank realizes that a life of crime and violence is not for him. All Hank wants to be is a nice guy. While this happens, Mayrbek, Hank’s top Chechen fighter, leads an escape from the bus and ambushes Esther’s men. After all of the Chechens are free and Hank attempts to bark out orders, they fall on deaf ears as the group chooses Mayrbek as their new leader.

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Barry Season 2 airs on Sunday nights on HBO after Game of Thrones.