The Society Season 1 ending explained: What was with that reveal?

THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY -- Seacia Pavao/Netflix -- Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

The Society is a retelling of The Lord of the Flies and will irritate you in ways you didn’t think possible because of teenage behavior. However, it’s certainly worth the watch, especially for that twist of an ending.

Spoilers for The Society on Netflix are in this post. You have been warned.

The ending to The Society certainly confirmed what had happened to the teenagers. At least, in a way it had. Just what did it mean and what can we expect for the second season (assuming it happens). Here’s an explanation for the ending of The Society Season 1 on Netflix.

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We’re looking at the very end here. This isn’t about what happened to Allie and Will. It’s pretty self-explanatory what happened there! The teenagers realized they weren’t getting what they wanted and decided to stage a coup. Did we really expect anything other from those who weren’t happy with those in charge? Most dystopian futures involve some sort of coup.

This is all about the very end. We got some sort of confirmation of what had happened to the teens. They had, in fact, been transported to an alternate dimension. At the very end of the first season, we’re taken to the real world, where the parents still are.

There’s a woman walking to the church building, with the sound of trains in the background to make it clear that this is the real world. She walks into a room to tell a story to children, with some adults standing behind those children. All the adults are wearing a yellow ribbon pin, similar to the pink pins worn for breast cancer awareness.

THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center
THE SOCIETY — Seacia Pavao/Netflix — Acquired via Netflix Media Center /

Behind the woman is a “We Will Remember Them” board with the names of all the teenagers that have been taken to the alternate dimension. This suggests that the parents believe their children have gone missing or have been killed and they’re not coming back. It sounds like they don’t think the children will ever return.

Is this because they’re a sacrifice to get rid of the smell from the town? Is it because of some sort of science experiment that the parents have agreed to? Or do the parents have nothing to do with it and, instead, it’s something the council has decided, telling the parents that their children have been killed or gone missing?

We need a second season, there’s no doubt about that. One thing is for sure, the children are in a different dimension – just like we’ve believed from the very beginning.

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What did you think of the big twist at the end of The Society Season 1? What questions do you have for a second season? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The Society Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.