Where can you binge watch all Game of Thrones episodes?

Game of Thrones. Photo courtesy HBO
Game of Thrones. Photo courtesy HBO /

With Game of Thrones now over, we’re ready to binge watch it all! Where can fans go for that? We have answers!

HBO’s hit drama Game of Thrones has come to an end. And whether you found it satisfying or not, you likely have an itching to watch the entire series again. If you don’t have HBO, however, this could be a problem. Is there anywhere else to stream the series?

First, for those who didn’t enjoy the series finale, now that you know to lower your expectations as the series goes on, a rewatch of the entire thing should be a lot of fun. And if you are a new fan or are thinking about giving Game of Thrones a watch after hearing so much about it, you’re searching for a place that has all the episodes available.

Unfortunately, Netflix will not be getting Game of Thrones. HBO has its own streaming service, making both of them competitors. Hulu, however, may be your answer.

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Let’s cover the obvious option, first. You don’t need to add to your cable plan and get the HBO channel, simply sign up for HBO Now. In addition to all seasons, HBO Now has special documentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, and more GoT. When you register, you’ll be given a free trial.

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If you don’t want to get HBO Now and are currently a Hulu subscriber, Hulu’s HBO extension may be perfect for you! There’s a free trial for this service, too.

SUBSCRIBE TO HULU NOW: Plans start at $5.99/month!

Not to give you any ideas, but with two free trials, you may be able to watch most or all of GoT for free if you dedicated a couple of weeks to binge-watching. Get the popcorn ready!

Finally, the most pricey option is Amazon, which has most episodes available, but up to $4 each and $38 a season. Really, HBO Now and Hulu’s extension is a better way to go.

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How will you be binge watching the entire series? Do you have a favorite season you believe is better than the rest?