Supernatural history: The release of the first Hillywood Show Supernatural parody

Photo: The Hillywood Show.. Image Courtesy Hilly and Hannah Hindy
Photo: The Hillywood Show.. Image Courtesy Hilly and Hannah Hindy /

On this day in Supernatural history, the first Supernatural Parody from The Hillywood Show was released. It’s time for a lookback at one of the best parodies the Hillywood women have ever done.

Many of you will have heard of The Hillywood Show by now. The two women, Hilly and Hannah Hindi, have done two Supernatural parodies to date. However, this day in Supernatural history is when many of you may have only just learned about them.

I’ve followed them since their Twilight Parody days – the very first one. The women continue to impress with their choreography, growth in development, and storylines that they bring within each parody. However, the first Supernatural Parody arguably put them on the map.

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This wasn’t just a parody for the fans. This delivered a huge amount of service through the inclusion of some of the show’s stars. Osric Chau (who had previously stepped into a role for The Walking Dead Parody) and Rob Benedict stepped into the roles of Sam and Cain, but that wasn’t all. We got a special treat of the stars, including Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, dancing to “Shake It Off.”

The song, originally by Taylor Swift, was covered by the band Twenty One Two with Supernatural focused lyrics. With “Demons gonna hate” and “Sam’s heart is gonna break,” we just knew that this parody was one for the history books.

Since its debut on May 21, 2015, it’s amassed 18 million views. With more than 400 likes, this is a parody that quickly got fans talking. Show fans who had never heard of The Hillywood Show raced to check out the newest parody.

The women attended conventions dressed as Dean (Hilly) and Castiel (Hannah) from the video. But that wasn’t where it ended. The Hillywood Show returned a little more than three years later with a second Supernatural Parody, this time with Ackles and Padalecki taking on a bigger role. And yes, it was everything we needed and more – and also the first time the women had taken on a second parody for the same show (Twilight doesn’t count because each of the parodies were for the sequel movies).

If you’ve somehow missed the first one, check out The Hillywood Show’s Supernatural Parody below and get ready to laugh.

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What did you think of the parody when it first dropped this day in Supernatural history? What parody would you like to see The Hillywood Show do next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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