What to expect from Netflix’s Docuseries 1994


Netflix recently released the docuseries 1994. The series dives into the assassination of Mexican politician Luis Donaldo Colosio, who was running for President of Mexico at that time.

These were turbulent times for Mexico, as the country was battling national threats such as the revolutionary group, the “Zapatistas.” It was a year that changed the political scene forever as there were several trends going against the ruling Mexican political party, the PRI (The Institutional Revolutionary Party, which is a Mexican political party founded in 1929 that held uninterrupted power in the country from 1929 to 2000).

1994 is the story of a promising young politician named Luis Donaldo Colosio who was brutally murdered in the middle of a packed crowd while visiting Tijuana.  Colosio was a presidential candidate running with the support of then ex-president Carlos Salinas de Gortari.

Watch the trailer for 1994, below: 

This docuseries digs deep into the campaign of Mr. Colosio. Former (and notoriously controversial) Mexican President, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, lets himself be interviewed in a surprisingly direct and personal way throughout the docuseries.

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These interviews with Mr. Salinas de Gortari, for better or worse, truly is mesmerizing, and his interview scenes alone are worth your time.

Colosio was an honest and humble man who wanted the best for his country. He just knew that the best would be change. Change that the PRI would one day fear.

As the series progresses you can see how much it stems from early interviews to recent conversations with some of the most powerful and well-recognized Mexican politicians.  It unravels Luis Donaldo Colosios upbringings and details what kind of person he was and his relation to the political party, the Institutional Revolutionary Party.

Colosio felt the PRI was heading into the direction of a dictatorship and demanded democracy throughout his speeches.  That immediately made the PRI nervous and it was during a delicate time when the NAFTA agreement was about to go into effect.  An agreement that Salinas assisted in.

This is definitely a must watch for anyone interested in how the Mexican political party PRI controlled most of Mexico in the early years and how one man strived to change their ways.  Most tragically, it documents how his Presidential campaign message slowly became a direct contradiction to the PRI’s ways of operating…

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A contradictory campaign message that would ultimately cost him his life. 1994 is now streaming on Netflix.