Bob’s Burgers: Which season 1 episode is most underrated?


On the whole, Bob’s Burgers is an underrated show with an undeniable charm. With the show on hiatus, let’s look at some of their most underrated episodes.

As far as underrated cartoon shows go, Bob’s Burgers is pretty high on the list. Looking at season 1, this is especially true. Season 1 of Bob’s Burgers is definitely an oddity when it comes to the rest of the series. With 9 completed seasons now, the show has changed and grown a lot since then. In a way, it feels like 2 completely different shows.

A running theme is that the series always has a few standout episodes, maybe 1 or 2 bad but is mostly made up of good episodes. With each season, the series has a handful of underrated episodes. Since the series is on hiatus, what better time to look through each season and find the most underrated episode?

Before getting into this series, there will be spoilers for Bob’s Burgers. This week is all about season 1 so you will be spoiled if you haven’t watched season 1. As per all these lists, this is only my opinion. If you don’t agree, feel free to share your thoughts or what episode you consider the most underrated from the said season.

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As mentioned above, season 1 of Bob’s Burgers is not for everyone. Originally airing in 2011, the show has a rough start. It started off with edgy humor that didn’t sit well with audiences and just wasn’t a crowd-pleaser. The season was good but not one that fans of the show hold close to their heart.

What makes season 1 a little different is that it only had 13 episodes. The standard order for later seasons has been an average of 19-23. With only 13 episodes, the show was just barely getting off the ground. More on that in next week’s post when we explore the underrated gems from season 2.

Despite the lukewarm reception to season 1, there are definitely some gems in there. “Weekend at Mort’s” is a prime example. The episode is all about the family staying with Mort after discovering there is mold in the restaurant. It also follows Mort trying to get a date with a fellow mortician and the kids exploring the morgue. It does feature some dark humor and a few risky jokes but overall is a decent episode.

As for another gem, there is “Burger War.” This episode breathes life into the rival between Bob and Jimmy Pesto. When Jimmy tries to buy the restaurant, Bob puts his foot down and decide to take Jimmy head-on. It’s not only an introduction to their dislike of each other but where we first see Mr. Fischoeder cutting Bob a break. Looking back, the episode is a lot better than it might get credit for.

While “Weekend at Mort’s” and “Burger War” is good, the episode that is severely underrated and underappreciated is “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs.” If there is a season one episode no one talks about, it’s this one. The episode featured two distinct plotlines: Linda hosting the school’s spaghetti dinner while Bob and Gene bond over Western movies that Bob forces him to watch.

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The plot isn’t what makes this episode good. It does a great job of showing the familial relationship in the Belcher family. Whether it be Bob and Louise or Bob and Gene, this episode is one that could easily be produced now. Add in the humor of Linda wanting to take down Colleen Caviello and Tina working on her abs, “Spaghetti Western and Meatballs” is a classic in its own right.

Which season 1 episode do you think is the most underrated? Do you agree with my choice? Be sure to let me know in the comments!