Netflix’s Always Be My Maybe is a summer must-watch

Always Be My Maybe on Netflix via Media Center
Always Be My Maybe on Netflix via Media Center /

Always Be My Maybe is Netflix’s latest original film. With summer vastly approaching, is it worth spending a summer night watching?

Years ago, it might have been unheard of to think that Netflix would ever produce their own original programming. The streaming service has cultivated such a vast and generally well-loved collection now. However, their most recent addition could have the potential to be one of their biggest hits for summer 2019.

Entitled Always Be My Maybe, the film follows two best friends who reconnect after 16 years. The film is bolstered by an incredible cast that includes Randall Park, Ali Wong and Keanu Reeves. In addition to starting, the film was also co-written by Ali Wong and Randall Park.

What makes this such a classic for summer is that it can appeal to many different audiences. Since some of the film is set in 2003, people in their 30’s and older can relate to being a teenager in those times. The film also caters to a more modern audience, too with jokes about Netflix, hipsters and bad relationships.

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The film isn’t entirely about romance, though. A big part of the film is the character development of the two leads. While it seems like Sasha has everything, she doesn’t and she needs to work on herself.

Watching the ways Sasha grows and changes during the film is relatable. As for Marcus, he also goes through a massive shift including reflecting on his own grief.

What truly makes Always Be My Maybe awesome is that it changes the romantic comedy genre while still paying homage to it. While the plotline seems like a traditional friends-to-lovers story, it’s so much more.

From the very first moment we’re introduced to these characters, it seems extremely straight forward, but the film surprises you. Considering who wrote it though, it doesn’t seem all that surprising as Park and Wong are massively talented.

It’s perfect that Netflix dropped this right before summer begins. Maybe you’re sick of spending your days by the pool or just want a break in the house. Either way, you should definitely have Always Be My Maybe on your list. Plus Mariah Carey approves of it, so that’s basically a gold star.

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Always Be My Maybe is currently streaming on Netflix.

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