Dark Phoenix at the box office: Was it destined to fail?

DF-10689_R2_CROP – Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory.
DF-10689_R2_CROP – Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX. Photo Credit: Doane Gregory. /

A new set of movies have landed in theaters, did Dark Phoenix take them all down? Don’t hold your breath. The numbers are in thanks to Box Office Mojo!

Which movie did you catch in theaters this weekend? A few films debuted with a limited release, and two big features had their box office premiere. Box Office Mojo has tallied up the numbers! How did Dark Phoenix perform? We’re here to break it all down for you.

At the top of the chart you’ll find The Secret Life of Pets 2. Even though animated, family movies are almost always expected to beat out all competition, everyone believed this weekend would be an exception due to Dark Phoenix‘s release. Superhero movies, particularly one that is closing out a franchise, are sure to win, right?

Unfortunately, for the X-Men, Secret Life of Pets 2 packs on a loud bark. The animated movie gathered $97 million worldwide over the weekend ($47.1 million of this domestically), not bad for a budget of $80 million. The cast includes Patton Oswalt, Kevin Hart, Harrison Ford, Jenny Slate, Tiffany Haddish, and others.

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In second, you’ll find Dark Phoenix following behind the dogs and cats with $33 million. Its grand total is $140 million when you add in internationally numbers, but it is the domestic box office we are taking into account here. We’re looking at a $14 million difference between Dark Phoenix and Life of Pets 2, which does not look good.

In fact, before Dark Phoenix, the lowest X-Men movie, The Wolverine, scored $50 million. That alone, should speak volumes.

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Third is Aladdin with $24.5 million, making its grand total now a nice $604.8 million. Godzilla: King of the Monsters follows in fourth with $15.5 million. And Rocketman collects $14 million as it lands at No. 5.

That’s it for the movies with 8 digits totals. Ma comes in at No. 6 with $7.8 million and it descends to No. 10, Booksmart with $1.5 million. Check out the top 10 movies chart from Friday, June 2, through Sunday, June 9, below:

  1. The Secret Life Of Pets 2: $47.1 million
  2. Dark Phoenix: $33 million
  3. Aladdin: $24.5 million
  4. Godzilla: King of the Monsters: $15.5 million
  5. Rocketman: $14 million
  6. Ma: $7.8 million
  7.  John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum: $7.4 million
  8. Avengers: Endgame: $4.8 million
  9. Detective Pikachu: $2.9 million
  10. Booksmart: $1.5 million

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Next in theaters, Men in Black International, Shaft, and The Dead Don’t Die premiere Friday, June 14. What will you be watching?